Saturday 2 August 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Well thank you Facebook (and Google) but those I really want to thank are my beautiful Family and Friends.

I was woken by Miss Lily this morning.
The joy of a Birthday through the eyes of a young child.
Something to be truly cherished.
She sat with me and savored every moment of every gift.
She even managed to coerce Daddy to take her to the Jewelers yesterday.
A girl after my own heart but watch out Dad this kid is a "girly girl" and to
think she came home with a Pandora Bracelet. Well done Lily, I love the way you shop xx

The photo above, wow. A proud Mummy moment.
Aiden has been busy in his room recently and this is why.

Underneath his artwork are my Birthday gifts from the girls in a
"FQ Birthday Club" that I am blessed to be a part of.
As can be seen, they have truly spoiled me and I am so thankful 
to each and every one of them.

Huge thank you to Kaylee, Simone, Anthea,
Michelle, Maria, Sisbabe,
Illene, Shez and Peg.

The amazing Crochet Queen Barb gave this gorgeous scarf in the most amazing shade of Blue.

I shall be wearing this one tomorrow as Declyn has an early game of Football.
Thank you Barb xx

Also spoiling me and encouraging my recent addiction to crochet is Jo.
I see her pattern "Crocheted Kitten Afghan" in my future.
Thank you Jo.

Have to go now, thank you's to catch up on and then I get to observe
Lily and Daddy in the kitchen. Apparently there is an "awesome" birthday cake to be made.

Feeling blessed.
Thank you everyone.
hugs Sharon xx


  1. Happy Birthday Sharon.... Wishing you a wonderful day today...

  2. Happy Birthday blessings to you! Wishing you a wonderful love filled day!

  3. Glad you are having a lovely day. Happy birthday again.

  4. I'm so glad you like it. I know you are only new to crochet but it really is an easy pattern.....

  5. Happy Birthday, hope you have been totally spoilt...

  6. Happy Birthday wishes to you. I hope your day continued on in the same wonderful way it started.

  7. What a great haul of pressies - Happy Birthday................

  8. Best wishes and enjoy your cake

  9. Lovely gifts Sharon ... It seems like you had a great day too.
    Happy birthday once again... :)

  10. Happy (belated) birthday Sharon. Looks like you have been totally spoilt.

  11. .. and so you should be having an amazing day!!

  12. A very belated Happy birthday Sharon. I am glad you had a lovely birthday. Love that special artwork. Hugs xx


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