Wednesday 16 July 2014

My new Mini Mini

The lovely Angie over at GnomeAngel is hosting a Quilt Along this month.

Sea Breeze Mini Quilt-a-Long. Quilt Image courtesy of Canoe Ridge Creations.

Image of Sea Breeze Mini Quilt #107, PDF Pattern

The Quilt Along kicks off on Angies Blog on the 21st July
and it is a fun Mini Quilt to make.  How do I know?
Because I made mine over the weekend.... whoops, did it again :/

The original pattern has the Mini quilt finishing at 22"
Mine, well I shrunk it 

The pattern said to trim to 3"
pfttt ....... I trimmed to 2"
I know, rebel right! lol

mine finished at 14.5" and has found its home up on my Rainbow Mini Wall.


Thanks for popping by.
hugs Sharon


  1. You are amazing......I take my hat off to you Shaz....

  2. Another lovely little gem.

  3. Beautiful mini Sharon! You are amazing!!

  4. It is stunning! All those tiny pieces!!

  5. Love the quilting on it too - looked like some sort of optical illusion on my computer. Gorgeous (again!).

  6. Wow - stunning; but way too tiny for me. Well done. your rainbow wall is fantastic.


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