Saturday 19 July 2014

Back to Lucy Boston

"Lucy Boston / Patchwork of the Crosses"

I revisited my Lucy Boston box yesterday as I didn't have any blocks cut ready to piece.
I now have these blocks ready to stitch.

Whilst I was at it I decided to lay my other blocks out to see how they would
look with my chosen filler fabric / squares.  I am liking the way the darker maroon colour is 
anchoring the blocks as I was getting a little concerned that they were getting a little washed out with the TOT border of each block.  All happy again now :o)

And a lesson for anyone making this ..... add your borders as you go!

Then today, after all the cold wet weather we have been having it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.
So much so that I took my sewing outside and enjoyed the warmth of the winter sun and the smell of the freshly mowed lawn whilst I started to add some of those tiny squares to a block.

Perfectly Perfect.

hugs Sharon


  1. You were lucky to get some warmth today. It was very cold this afternoon, even if you could get out of the wind. Pretty blocks. I am loving what you are doing with that.

  2. It does sound perfectly perfect and so are your blocks

  3. Your blocks are just beautiful...I have just started these blocks so will be sure to do the borders and fillers as I go..thanks for the heads up...

  4. those are so lovely... if anything is going to get me into english paper piecing it is Lucy Boston...

  5. There is a huge amount of preparation in these blocks. They are looking great. Glad you enjoyed some afternoon sun.

  6. Your Lucy blocks are beautiful and yes I have just discovered how much work it is doing the borders later. You look like you found a lovely sunny spot to stitch.

  7. love these pretty all together!

  8. Love these blocks Sharon ,very pretty.Xx

  9. they look wonderful - really pretty colours

  10. every time I see yours makes me want one...

  11. Your blocks are beautiful Sharon , love the colours


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