Friday 30 May 2014

Bad Blogger Catch up

I just don't know where the time is going at the moment.
I am managing to get the occasional post up but I am seriously behind in my Blog reading,
hence the Bad Blogger header.  The good news. I'm down to about 500 posts left to read now,
 so I am getting there.  You are all so busy and you are all continuing to add to my own to-do list! :o)

OK now I am going to do a quick catch up and put everything in the one post so blogging becomes easier and I'm  not scheduling posts in advance and actually finishing off stuff when a progress post goes up .....
confused?  Did you see yesterday post about my Crochet Throw?
Yes / No?   Well guess what..... I finished it last night!

I am so chuffed with this finish. 
I took my first (and only) crochet lesson 5 weeks ago to the day that I finished this.
It finishes at 36" square

I'm plotting another Crochet start but am holding off on visiting the Bendigo Woolen Mills for supplies as Claire might be coming for a visit over the school holidays and we can go together.  hmmm..... could be an expensive trip :o)

In other news........

I've been playing these these pretties.

Not your "traditional" Christmas colors but so fresh.


One stocking and just need to find the perfect hanger for this one.
One more thing to make and this swap is ready to go.

Have you joined the Aurifil bandwagon?

I am a little late to the party but have to say after some "tweeking" of my machine I am in love.
I was struggling with a lot of breakages at first but with some guidance from some Instagram friends, all is now good.  Only problem ..........  no one locally stocks it :(  oh well, nothing that Mr Postie and a Paypal cant fix!  :o)

I am now three months into the Aurifil Thread Club (Modern Applique Collection) 
from Millrose in Ballan with these beauties arriving this morning.  

And one last thing.

Chookshed's 2nd Birthday Party is this weekend.

I'm going, are you?
Sign up here if you are.

I might play with this new pattern by Elizabeth over at Don't Call Me Betsy
if Glenn remembers to print it off for me and bring it home because,
 of course the printer has decided it doens't want to work .... grrrrr

Drop Dead Gorgeous Epic Mini for Kristi

What's your plans for the weekend?
hugs Sharon


  1. Your crocheted rug looks fantastic Sharon. Well done after only learning 5 weeks ago!

  2. Your crochet finish is amazing. That is a great finish, especially as you have only just had lessons. I am still having them and am far from doing what you have. So I am extremely impressed!
    The Christmas fabric are great colours. Lovely projects.
    I haven't used Aurifil with my machine yet, but have used some for hand embroidery. So lovely to use.
    Have a lovely weekend of stitching. Hope your pattern arrived.

  3. You are amazing everything you do is fabulous. The rug us very pretty and looks cosy.

  4. Love your new crochet rug, maybe I should put in an order? I'll be stitching over the weekend too, in amongst everything else. Have fun.

  5. LOve it!! You've certainly gotten the crochet bug bad LOL but I can't speak as my wool supply is nearly as big as my fabric stash.....can't wait to see what you start on next :) Barb.

  6. Wow that was a catch up.
    Your crochet blanket is beautiful. Your Xmas colours are lovely.
    Your threads are a yummy rainbow & your future project looks fun.
    Now time to relax

  7. Your crochet throw is beautiful! I love to crochet, but I can never attach the pieces as beautifully as you, so I tend to make simple baby blankets that are all one piece! And I see a few of those little JOY wall hangings in my future.

  8. You are a crochet star. Well done

  9. Your crochet blankie is gorgeous....see you at the party.

  10. your crochet throw is gorgeous...... I have recently got cotton yarn from Bendigo WM... lovely...

  11. Your crocheted blanket is stunning! I really like the edging you chose to use for should be very proud of your finish...

  12. You have 4 weeks to save until trouble comes to town....

  13. hope your keeping your rug..........we're having a blast here..............

  14. Your crochet rug is stunning! One would not know you are a beginner. Clever you.


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