Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Scandinavian Rose

Block 4 was huge!

Sometimes I kick myself with starting all the Chain stitch and Satin stitch but when it's done I do love it.  With that said I do think that this project will be placed on the back burner for a while.
I think it's more of a winter project for me :o)

I also got a little "Happy Mail" yesterday.

Issue 5 of "Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine" and the debut issue of Hoop-La!

I LOVE them both.

If you are interested, "Love Patchwork & Quilting" it is available HERE
and "Hoop-La" is currently out of print but I have heard that they are doing another print run and as such will be available from the same site in the future.

Enjoy your Tuesday.
hugs Sharon


  1. oh! It's so, soooo pretty, Sharon. Well worth the time. :)

  2. It is going to be a masterpiece when finished

  3. You are going to be so happy with Scandinavian rose when it is all done. Looks amazing so far.

  4. Currently working on my Scandinavian Rose.... so I must agree with you, with all the Chain stitch and Satin stitch I have been feeling a little (over it) but when it's done I am sure I love it.

  5. It's beautiful Sharon,I do the chain stitch on mine but not the satin stitch.Im not good at SS may have another go later.I think that block is the largest,.xx

  6. Your stitched block is magnificent Sharon.

  7. There is a lot of work in that block but it ends up looking great!

  8. It is beautiful Sharon - a big job, but will be worth all the work when its finished

  9. That block is fantastic! I actually love doing satin stitch and some chain stitch and it is worth the effort.

  10. It will be beautiful when it is finished.


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