Friday 28 February 2014

Another Productive Day

playing with my "Toes in the Sand"
Today my design wall went from this  .. to this


by making these :)



and also this one 

So in two days I have gone from being 8 months behind to one month in front.

And all this (plus next month final installment) gets to be added to my blue scrap box thanks to a very generous BOM.  If I go by weight there is approximately another 3.6 mtrs of fabric to play with.

Now to wait for the background and border fabric to arrive and I can finish this one off.
Feels good to be so close to a finish.
Now to go clean up my mess and get ready to play again :o)

Hope you find time this weekend to do something you love.

hugs Sharon


  1. You're progress is keeping me going. I love your blocks and I'm totally starting mine as soon as Mia decides that sleep is bliss. So maybe next year :). In the meantime thanks for the inspiration. And I can't believe how much extra fabric you get!

  2. I got to see your toys today at the Cotton factory - you are amazing !!! maybe you should come collect them in person so we can hang out !!!

  3. What amazing blocks! They look fun to do.

  4. You are amazing - is just gorgeous Sharon

  5. I love how these American BOMs haves ouch excess fabric not like ours here. Don't think I will ever subscribe to an Australian BOM again. Have been burnt too often now. I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished.

  6. Hello there I did a search for this amazing BOM and the colour way for the Australian one is very different...Did you order your one from America...I just love the PB and J fabric by Basic Grey...I am a scrapbooker and have the same in papers...just gorgeous...I admire you and read your blog regularly
    Thanks for sharing
    Tanya Hughes from Western Australia

  7. Growing fast and looking stunning.


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