Friday 21 February 2014

A little finish and another start

"A Merry Christmas Garden"

Block 1 is finished and I have a new found like of Needle turn applique.

I am looking forward to playing with block 2 but first I think I need to have a play with these lovelies.

Sue Spargo's 2014 BOM

I signed up for this one so long ago and then it feels like it has taken and eternity for Block 1 to get here.  I have been so eagerly awaiting it, that now it's here I feel a little bit out of my depth with it.

The colours are beautiful. The wool's, silks and all the different threads.
Yikes, hope I can do this project justice.  I also feel that this is one project that I
really should devote time to as soon as it gets here so that I don't get to overwhelmed,
fall behind with and never finish.

Enjoy your Friday.
It's the Millrose get together tomorrow.
Can't wait to catch up with all the amazing talented ladies.

hugs Sharon


  1. Love your Gail Pan block. The Sue Spargo one looks interesting. Have fun tomorrow. Hugs.....

  2. You have so many yummy projects on the must be hard to decide what to work on next!

  3. Your needleturn is lovely. The Sue Spargo is going to be loads of fun.

  4. love how you keep challenging yourself Shaz,see you tomorrow my friend.xx

  5. The Christmas Garden quilt looks lovely. Enjoy your Sue Spargo block.

  6. Your block is lovely Sharon. See you tomorrow!

  7. Wow! Your needleturn applique looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing that 1st BOM. Have fun tomorrow. Wish I could be there.

  8. The block looks wonderful and your stitching is beautiful.

  9. A little birdie told me u were doing this. So am i????? Firsr block arrived last week, what group r u in?????? Have u signed up in the yahoo?? Did t see u there?? I havent started yet but plan to next week, great that know someone else doing same

  10. You do have gorgeous projects and you will do that one beautifully ... I know it..

  11. Love block one, you always seem to have so many things going at once. Catch you tomorrow, can't wait :) Barb.
    P.S: Do you want me to bring the beginnings of your blanket for you to have a look at or do you still want it kept hush, hush???

  12. beautiful block 1. I am sure you are going to absolutely master this new bom.
    It looks like an interesting combination of wools and fabrics.
    see you soon!

  13. lovely BOM. Lovely combination of fabric and textures.
    Love it. Hope you enjoy it.

  14. Wow! Sharon, I think you are amazing. Everything you do is absolutely stunning and completed to perfection!!

  15. I am sure you will enjoy your Sue Spargo BOM once you get into it; with all those different weights of thread and fabric it will be very interesting to do. Your Gail Pan block is beautiful, gorgeous work on it :-)


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