Sunday 15 December 2013

Pippa Quilt and the Grinch!

It's still a secret so Shhh ........

Lily's Pippa Quilt

Dad took Miss Lily out Christmas Shopping Saturday 
which allowed me to get her Birthday Quilt out and do a little more work on it.

When she returned home I turned my attention to making another Ball.

Still don't think that I am finished with these yet :)

Then I made up some more "Reindeer Noses" and some
"Grinch Pills" to take to a Party last night.

I found some Green and White M & M's, perfect for these :o)

Might have to make a few more for Christmas Day.

Hope you spend your weekend doing something you love.
Hugs Sharon


  1. I think I may be tempted to borrow your idea of the noses and the grinch pills - lots of fun! The birthday quilt is looking great.

  2. Pippa is starting to take shape! Looks great!
    Great ideas for a party :)

  3. Lily is going to love this quilt, Sharon. It's looking great.

  4. You are amazing. You achieve so much and yet again it is wionderful. Your reindeer noses made me smile.

  5. Lily's quilt is coming together beautifully. Those paper balls are amazing.
    the reindeer noses and grinch pills are a hoot. I think I saw someone have reindeer poop in bags too. lol
    much prefer the noses.

  6. Lily will love her special quilt. Great idea for the pills and noses.

  7. awesome you have been so busy Shaz,love seeing what mischief you get up to,enjoy your sunday my friend and i hope you dont have a sore head,lol.xx

  8. Lily's quilt is looking gorgeous and I love your Christmas ideas. xx

  9. Love your toes--err umm I mean the quilt LOL

  10. Lily's quilt is looking great the Grinch pills!!

  11. Lily's quilt is looking good and you have been busy.....

  12. Lily's birthday quilt is so cute... she's going to love it. Love those reindeer noses!

  13. your little goodies are so cute and the quilt will be stunning....


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