Monday 16 December 2013

Just one more

and now there are "3 Paper Balls"

I have decided to hang them in our entrance hall.
The tutorial for these can be found HERE

After Christmas I may have to find them a new home somewhere else in our home.
I think I've finished with the balls but still have a few more flowers left to make.

Thought I might also share this one here :o)

Hugs Sharon


  1. Your Christmas Balls look great.
    Love the quote..

  2. Yeah, sure it is just one more! Hehehehe. Love that about 3 Wise Women. So true LOL.

  3. I love those paper balls. I have tired that design but never made enough flowers to make a ball. Great effort and they look wonderful hanging on the wall. I read the Three Wise Women to my husband and he quipped right back at me "Yeah, but where are you going to find three wise women?"

  4. The Xmas balls are fantastic Sharon. Yes I think they deserve a home somewhere, too nice to put away till next year. Great quote. Hugs......

  5. you clever chicky.xx

  6. Christmas balls are wonderful Sharon!! Love the saying too!


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