Saturday 7 December 2013

Bali Wedding Star

I decided that my project of choice for FNWF would be my
Bali Wedding Star Quilt.

This is another Quiltworx pattern that is all Foundation Pieced.
Mine will finish at 104" Square.
I started my sewing earlier in the day knowing that there would be a break in the evening
 as Declyn was playing Basketball at 8.30pm. 

There are 32 arches in each colour required. 
I have started the "A Units" thus breaking it down to 16 Units of each at the moment. 

Not bad for a days sewing.
I am leaving the trimming to later as we are having another get together in January at my LQS
for the other local ladies working on this project.  I figure I can trim them then instead of taking in my machine.  If you are interested in this pattern I think Nicky still has one (possibly more) left in store and of course she can always order one in for you :o)  (just saying. I'm always happy to enable) :o)

I also got to play Hairdresser to Santa!
This is one of Lily's favorite Ipad games at the moment.
She likes to take photos and save them to the Ipad to show Dad later.

Lily and I also hung her latest Kinder creation.

We really do have Santa watching over us this year.

I also had some "happy mail" of which I had to hide from Lily as I am planning on making this one for Lily and giving to her for her 5th Birthday in March.

Yes my baby girl will be 5 in March. How did that happen?
I now need to try and sneak in some real secret sewing time when she is tucked up in be :o)

If you are interested in the pattern or kit Natalie over at Cinderberry Stitches has them listed in her shop.
I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that the kit was only $50.

Must go, more sewing to do, Santa Styling to do and of course blogs post to read.
hugs Sharon.


  1. looks like you had a great day sewing. What you have done looks great so far.Love it.

  2. Fantastic effort Sharon... you are on super
    Love the Batiks... gorgeous colours! :)

  3. You always make such amazing things...
    Love Lily's new creation.

  4. Wow, so much sewing in a day. You are an inspiration... and an enabler. Love that cinder berries pattern.

  5. Gosh you have been a busy girl, your new project looks fantastic.

  6. Oh my! THat looks like it will be so stunning when it is completed. I have only ever done one teeny foundation pieced item and never done another. WEll done you!

  7. i always love seeing what you get up to and as always you amaze me with your cleverness,enjoy your weekend kiddo.xx

  8. My goodness you are totally amazing....

  9. Your quilt is going to be so lovely. I have just brought Pippa from Natalie as well. I am sure your daughter will love it. I think it was such a great price.

  10. Looks like to really need to be prepped and organised for that one. The kit for Lily's new quilt looks lovely, nice fabrics.

  11. Lily is going to love that! The Bali wedding star is amazing. I just saw a similar one via molli sparkles blog down in rainbow colours with liberty prints. Stunning.

  12. Wow! You got a lot done. What an amazing quilt Sharon, you are a marvel. I love the Kinder Santa and his very proud creator x

  13. some more lovely projects on the go... you managed to get a lot of your paper piecing done... great santa styling from both you and lily...


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