Thursday 19 December 2013

A new Chapter .......

Warning: This is not a craft post!

I did it ....... no tears!

This is my "baby girl" on her first day of Kinder earlier this year.
This was her yesterday ..... dressed up and ready to go to her last day / party day.

She is dressed as a "Circus Performer"   and yes, we recycled the Ballet Dress up!

Special friendships have formed.
And oh my, how they have all grown up in the last year.

We had a special visitor yesterday, Mrs. Clause.
Apparently Santa was at home, he has a little cold but will be OK by Christmas Eve so all is good.  :)

Lily's special year at Kinder would not have been possible without her amazing Teacher and Assistant.


Thank you ladies you form a great team.
Lily was making sure last night that we all knew that she wasn't a kinder girl anymore!
Roll on 2014, my baby is ready to tackle Primary School.

OK now I need a tissue and no I'm not joking.

hugs Sharon xx


  1. awwh Shaz now you have me crying,i am going to get a tissue too,sniff.xx

  2. I feel like this at the end of every school year. Love watching them grow up, but want to keep them as they are too. Lily is gorgeous, and she will be fantastic at big school. Just keep breathing! X

  3. She's so cute! They grow up way too fast.

  4. They do grow up so fast! Gorgeous photos and lovely memories.

  5. Naw!!!! We finished up Preschool the week before - and it was all a little emotional (though our emotions ran high about 3 weeks earlier when the teacher we'd had all year finished up due to her new job beginning before the year end :( ). They sure do grow up fast, don't they!!! My Lani has been ready to start 'big school' for quite a while now, so she's just all excited for what's next to come ... me, I'd like her to stay little for a while longer if possible :) ... Well done on getting through the end-of-year!! Hugs!!

  6. aaah... tearjerker post... I need tissues too.... it's wonderful that she had a good year...

  7. Oh boy Sharon I am off for a tissue too!!! Me and Shez blubbing in the corner!!! Lol!!

  8. She is a darling. Treasure the time as she grows because it goes so quickly. People probably tell you that all the time but it is so true. Before you know it she will be an adult leading her own life's journey and you can proudly remember that you enjoyed every moment of her childhood.

  9. Ahh, you've put a tear in my eye too. What a sweetie she is.

  10. We are finished with kindy too this year. It went so quickly! It is a happy but sad time!

  11. Lovely post Sharon,beautiful pictures for Lily's memory book.You have a little cry dear,you're allowed.xx

  12. Such a sweet post. They do grow up so fast. Such a sweet journal of Lily's day.


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