Friday 1 November 2013

Mini Quilts?

I just love a good mini quilt.

 So you can imagine my excitement when I saw last night that 
the talented Camille had released her "Puddle Jumping" Pattern, but as a Mini.
Now I see that she has made her "Raincheck" Mini available as a free Download (HERE)

mini puddle cover-01     mini raincheck cover-01

I feel a new addiction forming.
Camille's planning on making up a tiny Swoon and a Round and Round next!

swoon  Round&round cover

Scrap buckets here I come .....

hugs Sharon


  1. much more achievable!

  2. I saw that Camille had done the mini quilts. Imagine a whole wall filled with them made with Scrumptious!

  3. lol i can feel your excitment all the way down here,and yes i can see a new addiction for you in the near future.xx

  4. I saw these on Instagram and instantly fell in love. I can't wait for the new fabric line but want to forfeit a coffee or two next week and buy this mini. I have been wanting to do a mini for a while now to practise some FMQ. oooohhh something else to add on my list!

  5. great way to use up those smaller pieces...

  6. Very cute, look like they could be addictive.

  7. So what fabric are you using for each?


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