Sunday 15 September 2013

Sunday sewing

Today I am meant to be here

but I am not :(
On the upside, I am keeping up to date on whats happening thanks to Instagram :o)
and I will still get my Goodie Bag thanks to Christine and Mel. Can't wait to hear and see all about their day.

Next Saturday I will be enjoying the company of many of these lovely ladies again at the Millrose Blogger Meet.  Always a super fun day. Can't wait.

Anyway, keeping me busy today .........
I decided I need to start revisiting some UFO's so I've started with
Tail Feathers 
and I'm pleased to say that Block 4 is now finished

I have block 5 out ready to go but no promises that you will see it soon :o)

I've also been working on one of these. This is a picture of Leanne Beasley's Original.
A lot of stitching so no progress shot of mine yet!

Also, earlier today Miss Keegan was cleaning out her room and this artwork was on the "Bin pile"

I see a quilt so I quickly saved it.
She is a girl after my own heart by producing Artwork like this :o)
Enjoy your Sunday,
hugs Sharon


  1. love the tail feathers both the embroidery, applique and the fabric used. How good it must be to meet with lots of other bloggers. I was so pleased as I met up with a blogger Queenie from Japan at the festival of quilts here in the UK last month it was so good to meet her and hope to see her again next year

  2. At least you were stitching even if you couldn't get to the show. I'm sure you'll make up for it at Millrose next week. The stitching on your block is lovely. And no way should that artwork be in the bin.....on a wall and in a quilt!

  3. Sharon how do I get an invite to next Saturday,I would love to come. My blog has been a bit neglected over the last month with moving and unpacking but I should be up for a few posts over the next couple of days. Sue

  4. How come you didn't go? Love Tail Feathers - it's another on my bucket list. Is it sad that my bucket list is quilts?

  5. Still stitching tailfeathers here too....though I'm onto all the trees, so I'm nearly finished. Just a few wings and eyes to do. Love how your fabrics set the block off beautifully.

  6. Love tail feathers. At did you spent the day stitching. Enjoy.

  7. i know its sad not to go but aren't we so lucky to have the technology to keep us up to date... glad you are keeping that artwork... brilliant for a quilt...

  8. The artwork of keegans is magnificent. Glad you took it out of the bin pile. I too have the Leanne Beasley needle case to do. You reminded me! Thank you. I am really liking your tail feathers quilt. It's one of patterns that you have to see up close or in the flesh to truly appreciate.

  9. Those tail feathers stitcheries are cute.

  10. I can see that artwork in a quilt. Your daughter definitely has your talent. Sorry you missed the day but good to be able to get a goodie bag. Hugs ........


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