Thursday 26 September 2013

Revisiting .....

I am "trying" to be diciplined as I have a heap of projects I want to start
but I feel the urge to make some forward progress on some other projects first.
Here is a quick round up of what I've been working on for the last week.

Hex on the Beach

I have had 4 rows sewn together for a while.

I am now close to having 7 rows sewn together.

Scandinavian Rose

I have finally finished Block 2

Liberty Spools Quilt

Squaring up those HST is really slowing me down on this one but I am up to
57 of the 100 spools required.

Blake's Quilt 
Was posted yesterday and has been received by his Parents today.

They have posted on Facebook if you would like to take a look.
Thank you again to everyone who has donated blocks.
 I still have them arriving daily and I have a plan for the next one.

Blake's Celebration was a mass of Colour with Balloons.  
Balloons were let go all over the world for this little man.
So the next quilt will be made much like this one above to
represent the coming together to Celebrate Blake and the balloons that
were let go that day. This quilt will be donated to Heart Kids to either
be gifted to a child or help with fundraising.

On the home front here.
Aiden and his team won his Basketball Grand Final Friday Night.
Declyn has had his Football Presentation Evening Sunday and has come home with a trophy for most Improved Player and his 50 Game Medallion.

and ...... the board games are out these School Holidays.
Lily loves board games at the moment and it is so nice to see the big kids "adapt" a game so Lily can play. This one is a blast from the past!  It was one of my favorites as a kid and this is my original from 1982 so I guess it cold be called vintage! 

Enjoy your week.
Hugs Sharon


  1. Good girl for working on your wip's. Blake's quit looks amazing, as does the next one. Hope the holidays are going smoothly, all good here so far.

  2. So many gorgeous projects Sharon - you are very good about making regular progress on each

  3. Ah a disciplined quilter, does that apply to shopping as well???

  4. Smiled when I saw the kids playing with your board game. My 3 grandchildren beg me to play "Park & Shop" when they visit. It was mine when I was about 7 or 8, so it really is vintage!

  5. Some great stuff going on there Sharon.I must tell you it's my Grandsons birthday next month and I showed my daughter the cake you made full of smarties ,and yes I have to make one for Bryce,will let you know how it turns out.I really should stop reading your blog,you cost me a fortune.haha xx

  6. Your stitchery is stunning and the quilts for Blake look amazing! I am yet to make my blocks. I will get to them soon!

    The kids love board games too. Guess Who and Jenga are a couple of their current faves. Happy Stitching x

  7. Everything is coming along nicely Sharon. Congratulations to the boys for their sporting achievements.

  8. Great progress with the spools and the scan rose.. such a lot of stitching in them. Blakes quilt and the other one are stunning and I love the idea of making one as a fundraiser.... I always loved holidays time and not having to be dictated to by the clock...

  9. Gorgeous quilts you are working on Sharon. The kids look like they are having a great holiday. hugs.....

  10. as usual gorgeous work Shaz,what a wonderful thing for you to do for Blakes family,what a special little man.
    Well done to the boys,yipee.xx

  11. All those projects on the go - well done. I can only juggle one or two at a time!
    I am so glad Blake's quilt was received with much love and appreciation, it looked fantastic. That's a lovely idea to donate another one & use it for a fundraiser or to give it to another family.
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays with your adorable family, how come they go much faster than any other time of the year??
    Therese xx

  12. Great to see you working on your UFO's....not that I thought you had any..hehe. I do love the bright I Spy that is going to look stunning.

  13. I checked out Blake's Facebook page and the quilt looks fantastic. I have not yet posted off that project for you but I want to let you know that I haven't forgotten. I have been busy with my Mother.

  14. Wow Sharon, lots on the go for you...they all look amazing! Congrats to the boys and hope they enjoy the holidays. Loved the face book photo of Blake's Quilt from Blake's parents, well done you!

  15. good to see you are catching up with WIP, the Blake quilt is lovely and I have or will be copying the way you have put the borders on each block for my tula pink 100 blocks, bought the black fabric on tuesday, just need to pluck up the courage to get going on it now.

  16. Hi Sharon, I am still into the blocks for Blakes quilt but I couldn't comment at the original post, so I didn't got your mail address. Will you please email me? I'm so sorry, that Blake didn't had the chance to see his amazing quilt...

  17. So glad that Blake's quilt was well received and the next one will be as spectacular. Great idea... you may get enough blocks for another one! Those pesky WIP do get in the way of starting a new one and I am guilty of having LOTS of WIP's.

  18. wonderful progres - I like that Hex on the Beach too! Thanks again for the work on Blake's quilt. Its amazing and a real credit to you for organising and making.

  19. Such a lot of work, you are a real sewing machine!


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