Saturday 24 August 2013

Are you ready for a catch up?

In recent weeks I have been busy sewing behind the scenes for a couple of swaps and not getting much done on many of my own projects to blog their slow progress.  Well apart from my "Glacier Star" as the last class is today and I had a self imposed deadline to have it done before today's class.  I am fairly certain that I will not be the only person with a completed quilt top for today's class :)  

So today's post is a bit of a catch up.  Are you ready?

In no specific order ......

Best Friends Forever BOM

I finished Embroidered Hexie no 10 last night.

Hex on the Beach

Rows 4 - 8 are now waiting to be attached to the first 4 rows.

Shop Sample
 (Finished last night to drop off this afternoon)

This one has been sewn for my LQS as a shop sample. It is called "Stitching Makes my Heart Happy" by Gail Pan.  It opens up and stores 24 Cottage Garden Threads.  I am also in the process of making one for me :)

12" Mini Winter Swap
This one went out a few weeks ago.
I hope my recipient liked it.

Tail Feathers

Block 4 has made a reappearance :)

but I cant handle the mess so I started cleaning my space yesterday.
One side of the room now looks all pretty like this

but I am not showing you the other side!   It is still a WIP (hmm..... I seem to have a lot of them at the moment).  Oh and talking about WIP's. These are currently working their way through my machine.

HST for my Vintage Spools Quilt.

As for the swaps I've been working on.  One is a one on one swap with an Instagram friend Roz and the other is the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Swap.  Both ready to go in the mail next week so hopefully I can share them with you soon.

Now, what project to take with me today?

Enjoy your weekend, hugs


  1. boy oh boy you sure have been busy Shaz,well done and cant wait to see your swap projects,have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  2. Sharon - Love your post today!! You HAVE been busy and everthing looks so fun!! I especially like the Best Friends Forever BOM - can we still join?? And your Studio - at least that side of it, LOL - is wonderful!! I love all all the bright color!!

  3. WOW you've been very busy and then throwing in the mix swap commitments and I'm reeling with what you've achieved, especially love the picture of your neat side of your sewing room don't forget to show the other half when it's done :) Barb.

  4. You are amazing Sharon.....and I don't believe that the other side of the room is messy. Lots of gorgeous projects underway, it must be hard to choose one to work on. Have fun at your class.

  5. I agree you are amazing. Are you sure you have not got a secret twin, locked in a cupboard stitching 24/7? Wonderful, wonderful work.

  6. Wonderful what you have managed to get done. All lovely projects. Hugs.......

  7. so many delights you have shared today, cannot pick a favourite as they are all so lovely. Think I commented on your log cabin boxes before, the sewing room is full of wonderful things

  8. Lots of lovely things happening at your place....

  9. What a busy girl!!!!! I do love your creative space messy or not lol

  10. I wish you wouldn't - everything you make is fabulous and I just want to join in! The hexagons best friends forever is in stock at our LQS and I am sooooo tempted.... but Vignette is sitting untouched in months and Tail Feathers isn't even started!

  11. Love your catch up. I am working on my swaps too. I have just worked out what fabric I am going to make my BBF in too.

  12. Beautiful projects and it's great to catch up ... so fun to be doing a shop samples... I do some and it gives me quite a kick to be asked... love all your projects and so glad to see Tail Feathers out again ...

  13. Yup! Amazing!!! ... I've been stressing and struggling over uni the last couple of weeks, and so the little sewing/stitching I have done has been either the BFF BOM or FRIENDS swap too :) Hoping to get much more in next week!!!! LOVING seeing your Tail Feathers out again!!

  14. Love the friends forever hexi love tail feathers love the brights in hexi on the beach love the thread holder love how organised your room is.Whew usual I love everything you make.Xx

  15. As usual, wonderful eye candy. Looking forward to seeing more of hex on the beach.

  16. Everything is so gorgeous Sharon. You make me hang my head in shame with the amount of projects you get done!

  17. You have been so busy Sharon, and such beautiful work!! Your room looks amazing, wish I could do the same!!

  18. You amaze me how much you fit in Sharon - lots of lovely things on the go. Am waiting very impatiently to see how your Vintage spools are coming along. I too have some swaps on the go so don't seem to be doing too much

  19. Lots of Lovley projects you've done, love your colourful baskets.

  20. You are so amazing Sharon, all your projects are beautiful and your work is stunning, hugs Wendy

  21. Oh I do so love your coloured baskets - are they for scraps or just "stuff"?? all your other project are lovely too - but the baskets really caught my eye....thinking thinking....


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