Thursday 18 July 2013

Helping the Economy

I must say that I think I have done my little bit this week to help the Economy!
This is my haul from my Quilt shop visits.

There are 2 Bliss fabrics to feed my soul. I was super pleased to add some yardage to my Bliss stash.
Just "a few" word prints (yes I have a little addiction) and some black prints, all of which I have plans for (see below). The blue was a great find and will be used to make my "Elsie Cabbage" by RicRac and that Tula Pink Print and matching solid will be my new bag. Hope to have this one made before next weekend.

A little while ago I added this pattern to my collection 
"Steam Punk"

and I have been getting my daily fix of blocks on Instagram.
I can be found under " lilabellelane "

 I have now decided that it is time I seriously start planning my own.
Here are my chosen fabrics so far.

 I still want a Blue and possibly another red/orange word print.
I have ordered the templates so when they arrive I think I should bite the bullet, get over my fear of curves and start playing :)

and look what arrived today ...... my Xmas in July Parcel

I am a little stumped on who its from. 
 The envelope fell out when I opened it and a child quickly sealed it!
I am sure that all will be revealed on the 25th :o)

Thanks for popping by,
hugs Sharon


  1. It's very important to support small business! Your new project looks great, I'm loving circles too.

  2. Your machine is a Janome, isn't it? You can buy a specialty foot ( I have one) for sewing curves for Janomes that work in such a way that you don't need to use pins. If you are seriously going to be doing a lot of curves it might pay for you to think about getting one.

  3. lovely lot of fabrics there Shaz,glad to see you are doing your bit for the ecomony,lol,you making another bag for next weekend,you will be known as the bag lady.
    Lovely lot of xmas parcels there too Shaz,i think everyone is looking forward to next week,lol.xx

  4. lovely retail therapy...Bliss is one of my favorite collections as well...lucky you to still find some yardage....

  5. Good on you keeping the local economy going! Your new project looks like it will be fun.

  6. Lovely fabrics Sharon. Those pressies are wrapped in lovely paper! No squeezing now! LOL!

  7. It was a good retail trip... I always love your choices of fabrics and projects...

  8. OMG you are one wonderful shopper....I mean economy stimulator!
    Lots of lovely "things" in that lot! :)

  9. Wonderful fabrics. I have a thing for word print fabrics too. Maybe why I love Sweetwater fabrics, they always seem to have some in their ranges. Hugs.....

  10. Beautiful fabrics Sharon and that next project looks interesting!

  11. What a marvellous selection of fabrics. The design looks great.

  12. Wow!! Go shopper Sharon! I love your haul. Did you know that Lucy at Amitie can probably do you a little 'starter kit' for Steam Punk? I am going to get her to do me one for Midnight Oasis when I save up some more cash. She had a great one there the other day for Green Tea and I was soooo tempted.........

  13. Ohhh we all need to keep the economy going! our new quilt looks interesting! Love your fabric choices!!

  14. Another great pattern for you, love your fabrics so far! xx


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