Thursday 27 June 2013

Best Friends

Best Friends Forever BOM
Installment One

With the lack of "quality TV" last night here in Australia I managed to get Installment one completed.

Each installment only calls for 8 of the other Hexies but being I have changed the layout I made 18!
I am also planning on making 3 half hexies to fill the gaps at the top.

I have had a few emails about the coloured threads I am using. 
Here is the list, they are all DMC.
958, 954, 962, 151, 604, 3812, 3851, 3766, 3810,
3854, 817, 601, 3861, 703, 472
And the fabric is "Scrumptious" by Bonnie and Camille.
This line is released later this year but if you are lucky you can find some
pre-release samples floating around.

Now, I must go. We had a water pipe explode in the bathroom yesterday afternoon.
About 5 mins before I was supposed to leave to pick Miss Lily up from Kinder.
I do not want to think about what things would be like if it happened 5 minutes later and no one was home.
It might have only taken the Plumber 10 minutes to fix but I am still washing towels and
blankets :(

hugs Sharon


  1. just so gorgeous Shaz,buy i hope it is a good drying day for you Shaz and fingers crossed for today,take care my friend.xx

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Not only are the colours gorgeous, but
    the stitcheries just set your work off.
    Just lovely.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. You are so inspiring - your version is gorgeous.

  4. That is GoRGeOuS!!!!! Love your version!!!!!! :)

  5. Oh no! Yes good that you were home, would have been a much bigger disaster otherwise...
    You are doing a stunning job of the installments, great colours... x

  6. Beautiful Sharon, looks lovely.....broken pipes are a pain in the neck and being a property manager I deal with them alot .....not nice :)

  7. Just gorgeous Sharon. Hugs.....

  8. Oh, your first installment is lovely. Can't wait to see more.

  9. Your projects are always gorgeous.

  10. Its looking great Sharon. Ooh I hate plumbing problems.....hope it's all sorted out now.

  11. WOW Sharon! It is looking fantastic.

  12. I love this BOM. Wish I had more time as it is one I would like to do.

  13. Love this BOM Sharon - you are motoring along with these!! They look amazing!

  14. great hexies, trying to picture what size they are, the camera can be misleading. What luck you were home when the pipe decided to burst., dread to think what you would have come home to.

  15. those hexi blocks are fabulous and look so great together....
    wet things around is so yuck.... and it's amazing how much dirt clean water moves around!!

  16. This is going to be a lovely quilt! Lots of work there!

  17. Gorgeous hexies I love this project. Don't very much like the sound of a burst pipe. Did they have to break the wall to get to it? SOunds very messy

  18. I am really loving this.looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  19. You are a devil for punishment Sharon - its absolutely beautiful

  20. What Sharon?? You aren't rivetted by the all encompassing Julia/Kevin epic?? And surely you have been glued to the box watching the nail biting State of Origin? And there's also Wimbledon..... So much to choose from. Sigh. Guess that's why the DVD has been getting a work out here. LOL

  21. Your hexies look beautiful together, I love how you are adjusting the pattern. Hope everything is dried out!!

  22. Our layout is the same. I just went two across and two down instead of four across. Love your colors.


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