Tuesday 28 May 2013

Monthly progress

Toes in the Sand BOM

The next installment of my Toes in the Sand BOM arrived
in my mail box yesterday and whilst Miss Lily has been playing
with her play-dough this morning I have made them.

(I promise that they are the same size)

and here is my progress for the first two months.

Now to work out how to get this girl away from her play-dough so 
I can get to the supermarket.

I  love how she sets herself up by sitting on a cushion and leaning against the buffet.
OK, better go and offer a chocolate bribe :o)

Have a great day,
hugs Sharon


  1. You are amazing. Big hugs to your sweet Lily

  2. Sharon, these are just gorgeous! Did you choose the fabrics or were they the ones supplied?
    Hugs - Lurline!

  3. Great colours in your blocks. Play dough holds so many happy memories. Enjoy these days.....and having a little supermarket buddy.

  4. Lovely blocks, and Lily is such a cutie, hugs Wendy

  5. lovely blocks Shaz,love how Miss Lil keeps herself occupied.xx

  6. How wonderful that your little girl entertains herself with play dough while her Mum plays with fabric. Lovely blocks Sharon. Hugs......

  7. I love this quilt - seriously tempted, but it's quite a luxury to order BOMs from the US and I just couldn't justify it :( I shall watch yours grow and look forward to the finished quilt top!

  8. "Toes in the Sand" is looking great.You always work on such fabulous projects.
    Smart girl Lily as you do look comfy there...

  9. Love these blocks and I really want to see them come together so I am Bloglovin you!


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