Saturday 11 May 2013

Catching up ....

Guess where I am off to today?
My LQS :o) for the next installment of this

I'm Making
Technique 3, which is the diamond points between the New York Beauty Blocks.

I have a lovely Afternoon Tea with Lily at Kinder this week.
Do you like my new bracelet?


This photo was taken last week and I don't think I have shared it here yet.
My girls called me outside and I was greeted by my own beautiful Butterfly :o)

Aiden has been asked to play Basketball.  
The team that he is playing for was lacking something.
The picture below might help you work out what they 
were looking for :o)

Still not sure when he grew to be 6' tall!
He is only 15 and towers over me.

They had a great game and won by one point in the last few seconds.
Well Done boys.
Behind the scenes here I have been going through a few health issues and
my gorgeous friend Shez sent me this to cheer me up.
It worked a treat. Shez has perfect timing.
Huge thank you Shez xx

I am looking forward to making Elsie.
The fabrics for her are on my cutting table waiting for me :o)

Hope all the mums out there have a fantastic day tomorrow.

I'd better get moving. One sewing machine and bag to load into the car and the first quarter
of Dec's football game to watched before I go for an afternoon of sewing.

hugs, Sharon


  1. Have a wonderful day sewing Sharon. How lovely of Shez to cheer you up with the pattern. The photo of Lily is gorgeous. Your son looks like a wonderful young man. I know what you mean about the height thing, my hubby, both my boys, my eldest grand-daughter and grandson are all much taller then me. I'm still taller than my daughter though. Have a Happy Mothers Day tomorrow. Hugs.......

  2. Enjoy your sewing class Sharon. I love your gorgeous butterfly! Aiden is six foot already! Now when do boys stop growing? I'm now officially the shortest person in our family! Nelson has passed me too. You have a lovely day tomorrow. Hugs, Christine xx

  3. What a lovely butterfly and such a gorgeous bracelet! You can always eat it if you get hungry.LOL!

  4. have a wonderful weekend my friend and hope you are spoilt rotten on sunday and enjoy your sewing class today.xx

  5. Have a great time at your class, it's an amazing quilt. Love your Lily butterfly. Your son is very tall for 15.... It's very strange when they get bigger than you. Hope you have a happy, relaxing day tomorrow.

  6. Gorgeous photo of your Lily butterfly. Isn't it amazing how quick boys grown! My 13 year old is as tall as me now and will soon be taller I think. Hope you have a wonderful time sewing, hugs Wendy

  7. love your beautiful butterfly. Looks like your son has found his calling. Hope you are feeling ok, and looking forward to your pick me up pressie getting made.
    enjoy your next instalment of your glacier star class.

  8. Gorgeous photos Sharon. I hope you are feeling okay. Enjoy your sewing day. I sat at soccer this morning sewing away at my paper pieced diamonds and hexies - gosh it was lovely!
    Have the most fantastic Mother's Day tomorrow - you deserve to be spoilt rotten and have fun with Elsie Cabbage, she looks adorable and very tempting!
    Therese xx

  9. Gosh what is it about teenage boys towering over their mothers? Your little butterfly is so cute. Hope you are feeling ok and taking care of yourself. Enjoy your sewing time and your day tomorrow.

  10. Enjoy making up your newest softie. It is lovely of Shez to send a cheerup for you. Lily's butterfly pic is beautiful and shows some artistic flair there. Our Sarah towers over me too although I dont think she is quite 6' yet lol. Look after yourself and hope you had a wonderful time at class today.

  11. Hope ou had a great sewing day, enjoy our Mothers Day Sharon!

  12. lovely series of pictures of the children.... and hope you had a good sewing day.... I do hope health issues get sorted soon too....


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