Monday 15 April 2013

Silence is "Golden"

School and Kinder have gone back this morning in Victoria and the
silence in this house is "Golden".

With the return of Term 2 also means the return of routine
and with routine comes more time to sit and stitch at night.

My current night time sewing project is
"Sew Laugh Love"
by Leanne Beasley

It is slowly taking form.

(sorry about the Ipad Photos)

I was going to post the above photos yesterday (Sunday) but it just didn't happen
but look what did happen.  A little more progress.

It is really starting to fill up.
This also happened .......

Dec asked Lily if she wanted to make some Rainbow cookies.
Next minute she comes out in her Chef's apron and Hat
....... so I guess that was a HUGE "yes please".

 Enjoy the start to your week,
hugs Sharon


  1. The stitching is looking amazing! And she is so cute in her apron and hat. :) Enjoy your quiet time! :)

  2. I know what you mean about silence is golden; I often feel that way after the weekend!! Love your stitchery, beautiful pattern, hugs

  3. Aww, cute pic of your Darlings♥
    Enjoy the Gold, I never get much of it!!

  4. Lucky you having the house back to yourself. Only Austin headed off this morning. He is going on camp for the week. The other two don't go back until Thursday!

  5. your stitching is gorgeous Shaz and what a wonderful brother Declyn is.xx

  6. This stitchery is really looking impressive Sharon!!! Was this what you were working on on Friday too? ... Any ideas on the fabric/s you will frame this in? And how you will 'mount' it? It's a fabulous pattern!!

  7. Cute Chefs at your house!! Your stitchery sured filled up yesterday, Well Done!!!

  8. Gorgeous stitching. I'm sure you missed them just a little bit.

  9. I want a cookie please! Love, love, love the stitching.

  10. The stitchery is Gorgeous.
    Cute Chefs.

  11. so beautiful!!
    You are really going great guns with that stitchery. Have you changed some of the colours?
    lovely little masterchefs!

  12. lol love the peace and quiet too. Was a little too quiet so took the doogie for a walk around the port area in town after working this morning. Such a lovely day today.

    Love seeing the stitching come alive too.

  13. Love your stitchery Sharon....cute cooks....

  14. You'll be so pleased with yourself when you finish Sew, Laugh, Love, it's a big project and looks gorgeous when it's finished.
    Love the cooks, wish I had there enthusiasm for cooking, maybe I need a chef's hat?

  15. This is a lovely project sharon and I do have it on my "to do" list. You're a fast stitcher - heaps progress overnight

  16. This stitchery is fantastic! I had been trying to make a stitchery in my mind something like this to practice an abundance of stitchery practice. Now I have to go and see if I can't find this stitchery project. It is just beautiful!! I love it!

  17. Beautiful stitching Sharon.What a great brother ,asking his little sister to come and cook.xx

  18. Our holidays have just begun your stitching...tis on my lonnnnggg list to do lol...enjoy the peace, quiet and "me" time.

  19. That stitchery is gorgeous... and I love your colours... love the bakers....

  20. Beautiful stitching and I love those little cooks! I bet the cookies were delicious!

  21. A fellow Australian! I'm in NSW so we are in the middle of our school holidays, however as we homeschool, things are always busier during school term....
    Looking forward to seeing this project (and others) through to completion.


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