Tuesday 26 February 2013

Predictability at it's best!

I know, I am very predictable!
You were all very clever to guess that it would be
a Bliss Mat to go under my new toy :o)
Predictability at it's best!
Jessica will be getting a "little something" in the mail.
No cover though, well not yet.
Maybe if I get tired of keeping any dust off her I will :o)

That's better.

and of course it had to be made with Bliss as I have this gorgeous
Table Topper (underneath) that I received last year in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Swap

and all new creations now get one of my new labels
as we cant have people thinking these special things that decorate our homes
 are store bought now can we.

Definitely a little Bliss around here, even Bliss and Ruby over on the Buffet.
Hmm ...... "Camille" seems to be becoming more and more evident in my home.
She has had an influence in the Entrance Hall, Master Bedroom,
Kitchen, Dinning and Keegan's Room
but lets not forget the fabric etc in the sewing space.

Oh yeah ..... I'm in a happy space :o) lol
Have a great Day,
hugs, Sharon xx


  1. Now what's wrong with a touch of Ruby and Bliss around the home,can never have too much of either in my opinion :) Barb.

  2. i agree with Barb Sharon your home looks wonderful decorated with Camille,have a great day my friend,i am off to Millrose today ,Bernina lady is coming to show us what we can do with the feet on our sewing machine.xx

  3. Looks right at home under your new toy Sharon

  4. It looks wonderful and "ShE" will be sooo haPPy I'm sure. Arrrhhhh BliSS !!! :)

  5. Bliss and Rudy are just a perfect combo.

  6. You can't go past Bonnie and Camille fabrics. I love them too. Hugs......

  7. Oh how pretty your mat is! I love this fabric line as well.

  8. You can't have too much Bonnie and Camille! Beautiful!

  9. Looks great Sharon, it's so nice having such pretty homemade things in the home!

  10. You can never have enough Bonnie and Camille. They are just so lovely.........I love your mixer too!

  11. I do love Bliss. Have some fabrics that might need to be cut up and created in to something special.

  12. Thanks Sharon! I Love most of the Bonnie and Camille fabric ranges! Your mixer looks lovely on the new mat!

  13. No 12 step program for you either Sahron - we are proud of our B&C addiction! Who wouldn't be when it looks that great in your home. Tracee xx


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