Friday 22 February 2013

Dear Jane - Rainbow edition

I have made a start on the physical blocks for my
Rainbow Dear Jane
These blocks lend themselves to many construction methods
so I will attempt to list the methods I have chosen to use and on some
I will list how many pieces there are in the block. Lets also remember
that these blocks finish at 4.5"

A1 - Foundation Pieced - 32 pieces

A2 - Foundation pieced - 40 pieces

A3 - Needle turn applique

B1 - Needle turn applique
B2 - rotary cut and pieced :o)
So far my quilt looks like this :o)

Long way to go but it is a start :o)
Enjoy your day,
Hugs, Sharon


  1. Beautiful Sharon,4.5 is a bit teeny for me,had trouble with 6inch.How on earth do you get so many bits in such a small block.I have trouble with 6 inch,so well done you.
    Laura xx

  2. Wow! You are inspiring me to dig up my Dear Jane blocks - they are somewhere in the house and I know that I have completed quite a few! Great progress on your part.

  3. Looking good!! Nice to see your DJ blocks. One of my (unspoken) goals for this year was to start this as well but I have decided not to think about it just yet. I would be interested to know though how you will arrange your rainbow colours?

  4. You've started! Wohoo - and already nearly caught me up.... your blocks look beautiful!

  5. great start Shaz,i look forward to watching it grow.xx

  6. I'm so sure you will set some kind of Dear Jane record. Thanks for showing the details too, it will be interesting to see what methods you use, and wonder at the number of tiny pieces.

  7. The blocks you have done look great. Lots of empty spaces around them though. How many do you have to do Sharon? Hugs.......

  8. You are amazing Sharon - the size would put me off. Can't wait to see more

  9. Its a fantastic start Sharon. Love the blocks. I have never tried foundation piecing was it very hard to do it that way.

  10. How exciting Sharon! Your blocks are lovely and this is a great start.

  11. Thanks for sharing your Dear Jane journey with us, love the rainbow colours. Very nearly went for the rainbow but instead decided to go red-white-blue on my Dear Janes. Check out this Dear Jane blog ( for great tips.
    Looking forward to seeing yours grow.

  12. wow! that is very creative & nice design. Thanks for share with us!!!
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