Saturday 16 February 2013

Bloggesr Meet Swap

Hopefully I have scheduled this post to go up late enough
so that none of the girls coming to the Bloggers Meet / Sit and Stitch Day
in Ballan today wont see it before they leave home :)
We have an optional swap where a designer is selected,
then it is up to the individual to select what they will make.
This time around the Designer is Rosalie Quinlan.
So many beautiful projects to choose from.
Would you like to see what I have made?
A bunch of Roses :o)

Each Rose is made from a Fat 8th and when the recipient no longer
wishes to have / admire her roses she can unroll them, iron the fabric and
use it in her next project :o)
The Roses are made from one of Rosalie Quinlan's fabric ranges.
This project can be found in Rosalie's book "Gift".
I have enjoyed having these on my Bookcase for the last couple
of weeks that I think I need to make a bunch for ME.

and of course what do you normally give when giving flowers?
That's right, chocolates so I have also included a vase for the
flowers to stand in and a box of Roses chocolates.
Hope the recipient loves them as much as me.
Hopefully I will have some pictures of our day to share with you next time.
hugs, Sharon


  1. What a cute idea Sharon, and quite unexpected. I'm sure your partner will be surprised.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I hope the day was special for everyone!

  3. Great idea!! A fun way to have some of one's stash on display!! Hope the meet goes well.

  4. What beautiful Roses, lucky ladies and choccies too..
    Have the best day..

  5. Beautiful idea Sharon, hope you have a wonderful meet!

  6. What a lovely gift idea. The roses look great.

  7. Gorgeous roses! What a great idea. Enjoy your day.

  8. Great Idea. Hope you have a enjoyable day.

  9. I think they will all be thrilled with them. They are beautiful.

  10. Ooooo! I was the lucky recipient of the flowers! They are so much lovelier in person. I just love them. But I won't be undoing them to use the fabric. They are going to stay just as they are. Thank you, Sharon. Hugs, Christine xx

  11. Much prettier to see them in person. Great idea.

  12. i agree they were awesome in real life,what a fantastic idea Shaz,you always amaze me with your talents,what a wonderful day we all had.xx

  13. Lucky you Christine. They are truly gorgeous. Great job Sharon. Hugs.....

  14. The roses ate just lovely.
    Laura xx
    Ps ,you can always win me over with chocolate......xx

  15. Just such a stunning and beautiful idea.... and perfect for a stitcher...

  16. Who was the lucky person that got your swap gift Sharon. I have looked at those roses in the pattern book & wondered if mine would turn out looking the same. The fabrics are beautiful but don't think I could bear to unwrap them. Fantastic idea. Tracee xx

  17. Your gift looks wonderful! I think I would prefer the fat quarters for the record!

  18. your roses are so lovely! I am sure everyone who receives one of these beauties will love them.

  19. This was a fabulous idea Sharon, it certainly got everyone oohing and arghing. You are so very clever.


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