Sunday 20 January 2013


Someone please help me for I fear that I can not resist.
Dolly and Me
A new BOM by Kookaburra Cottage .
"A delightful new quilt with gorgeous dolls, bears,
butterflies etc and added 3 dimensional cuddleable dolls in the pockets"

 Lily needs a new quilt for her bed doesn't she?
After all the one on her bed was made 2 years ago. 
(Pictured below)
And it was my first BOM quilt :)
OK, exciting game of tennis is on so I'm going back to watch it
but really do fear I may just sign up for this one really really soon :)
hugs, Sharon


  1. Shaz i love the bottom one that you made Miss Lil,all that work for only 2 years,i think she can get another two years out of it and then a more grownup one,i hope that is what you want to hear and then you will have more money for something else our weekend will be coming up quickly.xx

  2. no, no, no... don't be misled.... a girl can NEVER have too many quilts.... I love the new one you are going to make Lily...

  3. The new one is pretty irresistible

  4. Oh wow! This one is absolutely *ADORABLE!!!!!*

  5. I would be very tempted by this if I had a little doll like Lily to make it for. I love how Tail Feathers is coming along too. Tracee xx

  6. Wow,its lovely. Miss Lilis old one is gorgeous.
    I don't think you are going
    to resist though lol.

  7. Oh, dear! That **is** MIGHTY tempting. Sooooo adorable! It is a very good thing I do not have any granddaughters or children that young, myself, or I would have zero will-power for this one. Lily definitely needs one!

  8. Oh Sharon it is just the cutest.....

  9. How cute is that? You may have to be tough with yourself! LOL!

  10. Love the new quilt, it is so cute.The one you did is equally as cute.

  11. I'm not so sure you can resist... cause it's gorgeous! I would be tempted too... :)

  12. I'm sure you can squeeze one more project in, surely Lily deserves more than one quilt.

  13. I spied this a little while ago, and am very tempted too! If you don't mind me asking,who would you be doing your BOM through you succumbed?

  14. It is beautiful - very hard to resist

  15. They do some fabulous quilts don't they! go on - can't wait to see this too!


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