Monday 14 January 2013

My Secret

A New
No I am not Pregnant.
Boy would I have some explaining to do if I was!
But I do have a New Baby.
Baby Quilt that is :o)

Isn't he cute . . . .  well I think so :o)
Let me explain.
When I first started making my Bottled Rainbow Quilt to help
bust some scraps I just could not overlook the "scraps" that were
being created whilst trying to scrap bust.
See why I love playing with the rainbow, it just looks so pretty :o)
The obvious choice to me was to make a
"Baby Bottled Rainbow"
I still can't believe that I have not blogged about this project until now.
I am not sure why when I blog everything else.
I am sorry if this does disappoint but yes this is "my secret".
My Mini Bottled Rainbow is made from the scraps of the bigger one.
I saved the trimming from the larger one for the baby.
This is kind of like "double scrap busting"
I love the photos of the "baby" on the other.

My "new baby" comes in at 29" x 21"
and was made in tandem with it's bigger counterpart.

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Ha ha, for a second there I thought we'd all be knitting booties! These two quilts are stunning, I just love the colours.

  2. Cute secret, the quilts are so pretty together.

  3. lol,i thought the same as Helen,when i seen the baby pic,lol.Its so cute Sharon,well done.xx

  4. I think your post had everyone looking lol. The baby is just as gorgeous as the big one.

  5. ha ha cheeky girl! Love the "baby" - well done!

  6. I love it, so cute. Hugs...

  7. Oh so cute.....what a beautiful baby!

  8. what a wonderful secret reveal!
    it is just as gorgeous as the bigger one.

  9. Ooh, your baby is so cute. Gorgeous like it's mother, and the spitting image.

  10. Oh I hope my baby is as cute as
    Seriously Sharon it is just a real little cutie! AND it used up scraps so its a double yeah!!! :)

  11. HGaha... I did think it was you!!! just love the baby rainbow...

  12. This is stunning! I love the way you've used those rainbow colours :)

  13. Amazing! A very bonny baby indeed. Well done.


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