Sunday 13 January 2013

First Quilt finish for 2013

I have my first Quilt finish for 2013 
"Bottled Rainbow"
Scrap busting project.
Started in 2012
Finished size 64" x 80"
Tutorial can be found over at

This quilt now resides over the back of the couch in the
back lounge / my Sewing space.
As you know I LOVE Rainbow and scrap sewing
so it's nice to leave it out for inspiration :o)

I found the perfect backing fabric for this one.
Rainbow Spotty Squares :o)
 Now, it's taken me all day to get this post up, thanks Blogger :(
so I will post it before it decides to stop working again but before I go.
I have been keeping a secret.
Not that exciting really,
but I will share with you tomorrow.
(If Blogger lets me)

hugs, Sharon



  1. It's gorgeous Sharon,I plan to make one myself this year.
    It's so cheerful.
    Laura xx

  2. Looks fabulous, great use of colour.

  3. oh i wonder what your secret is,cant wait to find out,love this Shaz,what a great first finish for the year,well done.xx
    PS is it another little one on the way.?

  4. I am so jealous, I am green. It is a beauty and on a miserable day (like it is here) it has cheered me up. More great work by you.

  5. What a beautiful quilt!! Love your choice of fabrics and color placement. It's a WOW.....

  6. Great finish Sharon! The backing is perfect! Ooooh- I love a secret!

  7. Your quilt is beautiful Sharon, well done.

  8. Your quilt is sensational Sharon!

  9. well done the quilt looks fantastic!!
    Oooh a secret?

  10. Stunning Sharon, your quilts are so inspiring! Love this one, the bright colours are so cheerful.

  11. It's so lovely and cheerful... i hope blogger works... secrets... I need to know.... hmmmmm

  12. Amazing quilt... love the colours. Bet it looks perfect in your sewing space. How much more inspiration could you need in there.....

  13. It's gorgeous Sharon... and a wonderful quilt to have near you too. Your choice of colour is perfect! Well done :)

  14. AND I forgot... you have us all intrigued too!
    See you tomorrow!

  15. Such a wonderful use of colour!

  16. Gorgeous. Your backing fabric is perfect.

  17. Love that quilt & it's rainbow of colours. Ohhhh a secret - nice - back tomorrow to find out! Tracee xx

  18. Your bottled rainbow is one of the best scrap quilts I've seen......great work. Ooooh I love secrets!

  19. Great quilt but spill the beans - you've got the blogging world going mad over your secret!

  20. Your quilt is stunning, really beautiful and I love the backing. Hugs Wendy


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