Thursday 10 January 2013

Lost my mind!

It is official, I have gone crazy!
Why you may ask (you also may not, but I am going to tell you anyway) :)
This is why
Oh yes, I have committed to start the
Dear Jane Quilt.
I am even moving away from the book and going to use the Software Program.
Hope I don't regret software v's book.
You would have thought that after making my Farmer's Wife
I would not go near this project but I have.
I have actually been thinking about it for a while, that's part of the
reason my Farmer's Wife got finished. 
So, I have committed to it and I have a "partner in crime" :)
It is all Jennie's fault
(Yes, I know, it doesn't take me much to start something new
or to lay blame on someone else!)
I am all up for friendly banter and encouragement.
Many, many times over the last 12 months or so I have surfed the internet
looking at Dear Jane Quilts. So many beautiful and inspiring versions. 
But I was struggling with making a decision on, Traditional Civil War, Green or blue,
even a Black, White and Grey combination and of course the Rainbow option.
I still have not made a firm decision but true to form for me, Rainbow is winning
at the moment.  Might even be able to "scrap bust" on some blocks.
But, which version?
White or black?

or should I go more traditional......aghhhh!!!!
I keep coming back to this image though.
Have I just answered my own question?
So, if you have just started or have been thinking of starting his one pop
on over and see  Jennie and let her know and we can do this together :)
I'm off to surf some more :) then I had better find my sewing Mo-jo
that the heat of the last week has run off with or all my
WIP's are going to be UFO's
Hugs, Sharon


  1. LOL!!!! I started 2 years ago....I make 2 or 3 blocks then put it away. It is a very huge project. I have never had any one to make it with. Perhaps I can join you both...and maybe get it done this time???

  2. I am not surprised that this project has attracted your attention. If anyone can do it, you can!
    The rainbow on white is so you, it looks amazing.
    Put your floaties on and jump in the deep end! Good luck

  3. I've got a rainbow Jane going. Will finish the blocks this August. Excited about that! I did it on a 2 year track. Going with the software was SMART. I use it 400x more than the book.

  4. Lol! I started Jane aeons ago but sadly I don't really quilt anymore as it is all cross stitch these days. She she is relinquishing in aa corner of my house somewhere. Good luck with yours.

  5. I bought the book maybe four years ago and that's it.. Good girl for making a start..
    I just adore the Rainbow with WHITE background..
    Look forward to seeing your progress

  6. Looks like a big project. Good luck with it. Hugs....

  7. I personally love the rainbow white. I bought the book, and wanted to do it with English Paper Piecing. The pieces are just SOOOOO tiny I had no idea. I am afraid I won't be able to do it this way. Do you think it would be possible???

    1. Hi - I'm trying block A-13 EPP - pop over and take a look - eventually I'll update with how it works - 1 quarter of the block done and it's the right size so far! I reckon it's do-able!

  8. Oh that is happy crazy. I could have written your post myself......deciding on the style is stopping me too, and every single photo on the web is gorgeous. I think your bright style would be beautiful, and I prefer the white background.

  9. WOW you are a machine!!!!!! Love your choice though... it's wonderful! :)

  10. Oh my! Is there any hope for you?! I won't tell you which one I like- it might encourage you!

  11. I don't think your mind is lost just hiding at the thought of all those little pieced blocks. I love your choice, the rainbow on white looks so happy & fresh. You say on your sidebar that you are doing Tail Feathers, have you started this, can't wait to see that too? Tracee xx

  12. You are as crazy as me, I have the first 4 rows of Dear Jane completed, there is a fabulous blog that has the how to's for each block. I will email you the link.
    Heading to visit Jennie now to join you on your Dear Jane journey, I might even breakout Tail Feathers and stitch that with you also! Let me know when you start Butterfly Garden Santa gave me the patterns for Christmas and I am buying fabric next week in Bairnsdale to get started

  13. I agree with Marina if anyone can do it,it will be you and it will beautiful too. You are a star

  14. How awesome and you will do a great job... I believe the sewing crazy house is such a happy place....

  15. That's funny you should post about Dear Jane - I bought the book, the ruler etc last year and haven't touched it...did the same with the Farmer's Wife...just think I need time for both or I will get confused, lose interest and shove them in a cupboard - a bit like Swoon...good luck with it though.

  16. Hi Sharon, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful angel parcel you sent to me but I can't find your email anywhere on your blog - maybe I am going blind.So if you get time you might email me back and I can send a proper thank you email. Thank you so much, Lynda.

  17. Sharon, you're my HERO!! I have loved and drooled over these for years now, and even have the book but intimidation sets in.. such a commitment.. I can't WAIT to live vicariously through you. I love the idea of a truly scrappy one, but all of them are so gorgeous, how will you decide? I'll be watching for sure! :)

  18. If anyone can do it, you can!! Hugs Wendy

  19. yes if i was to pick for you i would say that the rainbow would be your choice,i also like it the best,boy there is no stopping you,you are unreal my friend,go for it.xx

  20. I love the white one, you are such a talent at patchwork and quilting that you will have several blocks made before you know it. Can't wait to see what fabrics and colours you use

  21. It's an amazing quilt Sharon and one I have long admired - but I don't think I'm game lol

  22. Oh I love the rainbow one on white! That would definitely be my choice. I am yet to tackle one of these projects but who know, one day I might!

  23. Ah Sharon, indeed your mind has departed! No seriously, I love the rainbow on white too... seems to be more 'you' than the other options.?
    Come on, get going with it girlie, so you can blind us with your cleverness!!

  24. I saw this quilt made up last year at Festival of quilts ,it's fabulous,and a mountain of work.
    But if anyone can make it ,it's going to be you.
    I am looking forward to your progress Sharon ( I havnt touch FW in about 6months)
    Love Laura.xx

  25. hee hee! You can blame me for this, I'm blaming you for the Farmer's Wife - I'm pretty sure I saw it on your blog first! That last picture of the white version with the quilting is gorgeous - definitely rainbow for me!

  26. This is on my list too. My original idea was jewels on black (similar to the black rainbow above) then I got another idea. But I may go back to the first one. Sound familiar? :)
    I'd vote for the rainbow on black. Very striking

  27. I think rainbow and white - ...and good luck too!

  28. I envy you it brings back memories of my dear Jane journey. What ever you decide will be stunning I am sure. Good luck and enjoy your journey. Oh I also used the software and would highly recommend it. :-)))))))))

  29. Its a beautiful quilt and well worth the effort too. I like the white or traditional ones. Not really a fan of black but I can see it would be different and effective.

  30. Good luck and go for it! I'm sure this so do-able for you. You are a powerhouse when it comes to quilts!
    I would hazard a guess that you will go rainbow on white.
    I'll sit this one out, my farmer's wife blocks have retired quietly on the farm for a long spell!
    Therese xx

  31. Love this quilt so much. I have the software too, but have not started the quilt yet. Not on my list in the near future LOL! Good luck and have fun! I love the traditional but the white is gorgeous too!

  32. Ah.. this would be beautiful! I love the white ones.. I am putting this on the list this year too..but I don't know if I'll make it.. LOL.. I do plan to make it rainbowish in white..

  33. Only you can decide which one - though yes I think you have already decided.. personally I love the black rainbow version - but that makes it harder to make. I think a monochromatic colour way would be nice too - like blue & white...Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  34. Ohh I like the brighter version, but Id make the reproduction colour one...will be nice to see the progress on this one.

  35. You aren't crazy at all - it's on my bucket list. I have the SAME questions as you... The rainbow is beautiful but I'm afraid I will definitely push myself over the edge by picking out fabrics and laying it out the way that looks best!!! I've also struggled with the Black/White. I haven't made a decision there either! I think in the end I will end up with traditional. I have lots of access to repro fabrics in my area so that may just make my final decision for me.

  36. Yup. I will be honest. You lost your mind.

    But I have it on my someday list too. I still need to start my Farmer's Wife!

  37. ok did you have show me that!!?? I too have admired thsi quilt for a long time but it was currently off my radar until now!! lol. I think you may be a bad influence - just purchased some new fabric to join you on Girls day out and am about to purchase patterns now........I don't need another quilt.....btw - I think you need to go with your gut feel here, whilst I truly appreciate the repro quilts and their fabrics I think you are thinking about the brighter fabrics alot more when you think of this quilt. Go with your gut. and have fun!


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