Saturday 22 December 2012

Busy Little Elf :o)

We all know it's the silly season and this year I feel very relaxed about it all,
fingers crossed I've not forgotten something or someone.
Here is a round up of what has been happening here over the last little bit.
I have finished the needle turn applique of the Vines on my Lancaster Quilt.
Now to think about the Flowers
Hope your sitting for this one :)
I have finished the needle turn of the centre hears on my Vignette Quilt.
I am not going to add the centre circle as I felt it was getting a bit crowded and
my centre seams meet nicely :)

Advent Swap
Here are some more gifts that I have received from Carol in Fee's Advent Swap.
I am being totally spoilt, thank you Carol and I do apologise for getting the order
a little mixed up. My helper (aka Miss Lily) and I got a little excited :o)

LOVE the Anni Downs book mark and check out the wine glass, the base lights up
and changes colour. I took it for a "test drive" last night :o)
Carol, you may also notice that we got stuck into the Toffee's and the Liquorice
 before I took the photos.  They were yummy, thank you.
And here are some more of the gifts that I sent to Carol.

I also got a little bit busy yesterday and made some treats for the kids at a
Christmas Party we were going to.


Melting Snowmen are fun and easy to make

Some of theme took their job title just a little to seriously though.

None came home so it is safe to say that they were a hit.

OK, I had better go. Have to lock myself in the bedroom and be a Busy Elf and
finish wrapping some pressies.  Have a great weekend.

hugs, Sharon


  1. What fun you look to be having - the Vignette quilt looks *gorgeous*!!! I'm still looking for fabrics for mine ... but you can bet I'll be starting this just as soon as I decide on which line to use!! I am totally in love with your blocks!!!
    You've received (and sent!) some gorgeous gifties in the Advent Swap ... and the snowmen are just adorable!!! Soooo going to have to make up some of those!! Thanks for the inspiration .... enjoy your Christmas!! Hugs!!

  2. i love visiting your blog Sharon to see what you get up to,you always fill me with inspiration whether it be sewing or cooking,you have a go at everything that is a challenge and you master it,well done my friend for showing that these things can be done and for not being afraid of trying.xx

  3. Shez is so right. Your blog inspires us all to get on with our projects. Your Lancaster is going to be such a beautiful heirloom.

  4. Sharon - Your Vignette quilt is fabulous - can't wait to see it finished!! Those reindeer noses and melting snowmen are priceless!! And you really turn appliqued those teeny tiny vines?? WOW!!!

  5. Lots of lovelies on your post..
    Great ideas for Christmas treats Sharon..

  6. Quilts looking gorgeous,such a talented girl,you really inspire this old bird.
    Love the meting snowmen,so funny,my grand kids would love them.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Sharon,and a very happy New Year.
    Love Laura xx

  7. Very clever idea those melting snowmen. Love the appliqué of the vignette and I agree that I wouldn't add the centre circle either.

  8. Love your melting snowmen! And yes, your Vignette center is perfectly gorgeous - no need at all for a center circle. :)

  9. gorgeous gifts sent and received! those snowmen are too cute!
    Well done on taming the elephant. It looks so beautiful. Much more to go?

  10. your quilts look gorgeous, Im still waiting on my border fabric for the Lancaster :(
    What clever ideas for the reindeer and meling snowmen.... might add them to my list next year...we made xmas trees and gingerbread men...ohh I love Christmas lol


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