Saturday 10 November 2012

So Close

I have sewn together the blocks for my
Merry Merry Snowman Quilt.

Fingers Crossed that the border fabrics will be here next week
so I can finish it off and have it up on the wall this Christmas.
"So Close" to a finish.
Have a look at how much fabric I have left over to play with :)

As you can see the FQ Shop are very generous with the fabric in their BOM's
The fabric still in the bags is from the monthly instalments that I haven't touched
and I managed to piece two months without opening that months fabrics.
I am so looking forward to playing with these scraps :o)
12" Mini Club - Christmas Edition
I have finished off the Mini that I have made for my Secret Partner in the
12" Mini Club Swap.  I like to have my Christmas Decorations go up 6 weeks before
Christmas (roll on Tuesday. I have got the tree out of the shed and it is sitting,
 waiting for my attention) so in case my partner does the same
I have mailed it off to her this week.
Are you in this swap?
Could this be for you?
 allow me to say a huge
"Happy Birthday Glenn"

We had fun decorating the cake.
Just as well he is not scared off by pink :)

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Sharon, you will be finished that in no time! The mini is very cute! I would be happy if its coming my way!

  2. Wow Sharon, your snowman quilt is so beautiful, How good you have all that left over fabric to play with. Enjoy.

  3. It's gorgeous Sharon. I can't believe how much fabric is left over - bonus. Happy Birthday to Glenn.

  4. A very happy birthday to Glen,all the best of people are born in November,(that includes me and hubby)lol.
    Christmas quilt is just lovely,please put a picture on when it's in place in your home.
    Are you really putting your tree up so soon.Xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Glenn, and your quilt looks gorgeous!!! I have those two kitties on my sewing table....too cute!

  6. Love your Xmas quilt, it is so cute.
    Sharon did you see your Great Granny Squares quilt pop up on Simplfy's blog?? I sent through an email to you but it got sent back as being un-received.
    Therese xx
    P.S Happy Birthday wishes to Glenn, 43 - great age to be!!

    1. Oh Yes I did and what a buzz it was to scroll through her Blog post and see my quilt top :o) hugs

  7. Gorgeous snowmen ... Fqs are great for BOMs can't wait to see what you make with the leftovers :)))

  8. You are a super woman. Everything looks wonderful.

  9. Love,love,love your snowman quilt and I sooo wish that mini was heading my way ! happy birthday to Glen too,hope he had a lovely day :) Barb.

  10. wow and double wow Sharon i love it,cant wait to see what you make with the left overs .Hope you are going to bring it along on Sat for show and tell.Happy birthday to Glenn,i think you and the kids did a great job of decorating the cake.xx

  11. Wow Your Merry Merry Snowmen quilt is gorgeous! I hope the borders come very soon! I am on Block 8 - and waiting for the borders too - but still have to finish block 9. I have lots of leftovers with mine too, but I did mine through Quilt Patch Lane - I am starting Pumpkinville with that shop in December - She is very generous with the fabrics as well. Love your cake!

  12. Oh, Sharon is so stinkin' cute - way to go! The mini quilt is adorable - someone is going to be very happy to receive that sweet treat.

  13. I'm going with Darlene here.... that quilt is too stinkin cute for words! :o)) I'm besotted! Luv...luv.. luv the mini quilt too. Wonder what you'll create with the leftovers... bet it'll be gorgeous too!

  14. jPretty exciting! What a great bunch of leftovers, too - enough for something fun, for sure.

  15. My mini quilt is ready too, perhaps I should get mine in the mail?

  16. What a great quilt! Love these subtle colours.

  17. Oh, your snowman quilt looks fantastci - I want to start mine...happy birthday to Glenn.

  18. HB the quilt and your 12inch mini is gorgeous, I am busy working on mine....

  19. Your quilt is fabulous Sharon. I love the mini too! Maybe it's heading my way!?!?!? Happy birthday to Glenn.

  20. That's a fantastic quilt, I would wand to leave it out long after Christmas.

  21. It looks amazing Sharon, you've made a beautiful job! Love those FQS kits, so generous.....


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