Wednesday 28 November 2012

Christmas Mail :o)

The Xmas Elf visited yesterday
and left me these
and now I would like to share with you what was inside two of them :)
The wonderful Claire was given my name for
 12" Christmas Mini in Cheryll's Mini Club
and this is the beautiful mini that she has made just for me :)

It is a Rosalie Quinlan design and Claire's stitching is PERFECT

It is proudly on display in our entrance and I am planning on purchasing
another stand so that after Christmas I can move it to the formal lounge room
and have it displayed full time.

Claire also include a tea towel and some
Marshmallow Santa's for each of my children.

They were a huge hit :o)
Thank you so much Claire for everything.
In other crafting news, I have started sewing on the 90,
yes 90 buttons on my Merry Merry Snowman Quilt.

6 down 84 to go!
I want this up on the wall by the 1st ... I have better get a move on.
and here is the contents of one of the other parcels.
it is from Shez but it comes with instructions not to open it until
the 1st .......  roll on Saturday and thank you so much Shez.
hugs, Sharon


  1. What a beautiful little quilt! Love the traditional design. :)

  2. It is always so special to receive a hand made gift from others - and your little red and white quilt is gorgeous :) Good luck with all those buttons!

  3. what a gorgeous mini! So elegant in the red and white.
    You are a woman of great self control, I can't wait till the first for you to show Shez's marvellous handiwork!

  4. Your new mini is gorgeous. And so lovely for all year round. Have fun decorating on the weekend.

  5. WOW... lucky you! Love the MiNi... it's gorgeous!!!!! How exciting is it to see ALL those gifts and have to wait... just like the :)

  6. Love the new mini and it was the perfect choice for you.... enjoy those buttons!!! haha

  7. OMG 90 buttons thats doing my head in,lol.
    The mini that Claire sent you is absolutely gorgeous Shaz,i love it.xx

  8. It is truly beautiful Sharon...that marshmallow Santa looked like it went down a treat too.

  9. Love the mini...looks stunning

  10. Oh my gosh Sharon, the mini is G-orgoeus!! Claire has shared her wonderful skill with you, something to treasure... well done Claire.
    Good luck with the buttons, you will do it, you know you will!!

  11. Claire has made you a beautiful mini! It looks so lovely on the stand.

  12. Lovely gifts Sharon, the Rosalie Quinlan quilt is gorgeous. Enjoy them all.

  13. I'm thrilled that you love your mini Sharon and that photo of Lily is just so precious! Tell Glenn I'm sorry he missed out - or you could tell him the tea towel is for him, lol.

  14. 90 buttone yipes! Love your new mini,just gorgeous :) Barb.

  15. Love your mini from Claire - she's done a beautiful job

  16. Wow this mini quilt is amazing. Claire's work is incredible.

  17. It is a beautiful mini - lucky you!! Your button sewing will be worth it, I'm sure, hope you're keeping on track!!

  18. A very wonderful mini !! I know all the work that is needed for this stitchery ! Claire has spoilt you !


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