Monday 29 October 2012

Something new

I have so many things that I could / should be doing,
Like what is on my little table in the lounge

I will show you the top bit as it the only part that is completely finished.

But, instead I am going to try my hand at this.

I have never been able pick it up and I also can't knit.
Barb has been very kind and agreed to give me a lesson at our next
Mill Rosie get together in a few weeks.

So in an attempt to save Barbs sanity I am going
to arm myself with a few YouTube tutorials
I am going to do my best to pick up some basics.
Wish me luck!

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Good luck, I have never mastered crochet either. I made a baby blanket with hubby's grandma watching every stitch, and haven't done it since.

  2. Good luck! I went to a crochet workshop earlier in the year, but it just didn't come naturally! I'll stick to knitting and sewing thanks!

  3. good luck Sharon it is also something i want to learn as well ,but i will wait until xmas,you might pick it up really quick,your stitchery looks great,makes me want to start one,lol.xx

  4. I never learnt to crochet even though it was my mum's craft of choice but I would
    LOve to make a simple granny rug. I might have to have a look at utube too

  5. Oh you will be fine - I'm a lefty and was taught by righties at the young age of 8. So if I can do it by copying backwards, you can do it! If you happen to be a lefty then we need to talk ;)

  6. Best of luck with the crochet! I'm sure you are in good hands with Barb giving you some lessons!

  7. Good luck with crochet then !!!
    There are so many beautiful things that we can make with wool !!!

  8. Love your stitching project - have fun with the crochet!

  9. Your stitching is gorgeous. I love crochet - I sort of taught myself the very basics via youtube but would love to do more. All the best!


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