Sunday 28 October 2012

My Sewing Space

My computer did its last poorly timed shut down this week
And never restarted! So yesterday I "booted" it out of my
sewing space. This then lead to a clean up and a little rearranging.
Keegan scored the computer desk for her room which meant
More room for me :)

I love looking around other people's sewing spaces so here is a
Quick tour of "my space".

This is looking into the back lounge / my sewing space from the dinning room.
You will notice to the left is the kids space. A lounge, tv, some of Lily's toys and the PS3.
To the right is my sewing space.

I am so pleased that I can now leave the ironing board out and it's not in the way!

My cutting table and design wall.
One of the best thing I've done is to put the blocks under that tables
Legs to make it just the right height for cutting for me.

I need to " migrate" the contents of the bottom two shelves
So I have that bookcase all for me.
To the untrained eye there is no fabric here but we all know different,
don't we. Here is my fabric stash and
WIP boxes ;)

The two missing boxes are over on the ironing board!

I hope you have enjoyed my quick tour.
Now I am doing my posts form my iPad I can do them from the
Comfort of my bed!

Tucked up under my Swoon Quilt.

Enjoy your Sunday,
Hugs Sharon


  1. Thanks for the it always so neat? Do you spend hours just standing in front of that fabric cupboard? It's a thing of great beauty. As for blogging from bed - isn't that what iPads are for? Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. I love your sewing room/space :) Very well organised and there is nothing better than to be under a quilt reading or ipadding :) Thanks for showing us and I like the idea of blocks under the table, I am going to do that with mine.
    hugs Vicki x

  3. I'm lying in bed reading blogs on my iPad. Have to agree it's a lovely way to start a lazy Sunday. Your sewing room is brilliant. Mine is so messy at the moment, it is actually disgraceful.

  4. Your sewing space great, so well organised to, the cabinet for your fabric is lovely. Enjoying your sewing time.

  5. Thanks for the tour of your sewing space Sharon. It's always interesting to see where other people spend their time creating!

  6. what a lovely size room for your sewing and creativety,lots of light in this room and love that swoon quilt.xx

  7. Looks like a perfect spot to produce lots and lots of beautiful things. Enjoy your own little corner of the world. :-)

  8. I would love a sewing space of my own......Yours is fantastic.

  9. Lovely to have a virtual tour of your sewing room,looks much more organised than mine at the moment LOL.I've just bought the swoon pattern but I'm thinking of making up some floor cushions for work with it :) Barb.

  10. Blogging from the bed, best way to go....totally love your space, it is so neat...

  11. Your sewing space looks like a great place to create! I love seeing where others work :)

  12. Great tour,
    I particularly like the cupboard lol.xx

  13. This looks way too tidy. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful sewing space. Thanks for the tour.

  14. What a gorgeous TIDY sewing space you have!!! Tis always good to see where people create. Your swoon quilt looks soo comfy too!

  15. Thanks for the tour - It all looks very inviting - Especially love your WIP boxes. Hugs - Fee x

  16. Your sewing space looks so neat and tidy, and enjoy snuggling under your Swoon!

  17. Your sewing space looks lovely, it must be so nice to have your own space!

  18. Oh my Goodness, I am froggy-green with envy about your massive space!
    It looks set out so well, which makes sewing & stitching so much more enjoyable, don't you think?!


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