Thursday 11 October 2012

Lancaster Part 4

Lancaster BOM - Part 4

I just had to "nut this one out" as I knew not much else would be done until I had!

OK, last time I blogged about this I was working on a very strong hunch that the
 diamond borders would not be long enough and yes that was the case. 

So off to my LQS for the next months package 
(how lucky am I that I can get them when I need them :) thank you Nicki)

After fussy cutting and adding the first border it was very clear 
that another diamond was needed on all sides.

so a little reverse stitching and things were back on track,
mitered corners and all!

This picture clearly shows the different lengths :(

All is good now and installment 4 is complete with the 
addition of the two borders

Sorry for the dark and slightly out of focus picture :(
It's cold, wet and dark and I just can not get a good photo.

Block 5 is the appliqued borders. 
The pattern calls for Needle Turn applique but I think I might just be reverting
 to my favorite form of applique, button hole.... unless I can find someone who has
this Applique Essentials Pack in stock (Thanks Deb for the info)

Off now as I feel much better about working on something else.
Maybe finishing off some Xmas Table runners.



  1. So glad you sorted it out, it's coming along so well.

  2. Lucky you were able to sort it out and it wasn't too much of a hassle. It's looking so lovely.

  3. Forget the was SO worth it. It's just wonderful Sharon! Love it!

  4. Love your border fabrics! Blueberries have the Applique Essentials in stock...just not on the website so I ordered mine today :)

  5. Yes it was worth the little reverse stitching as your top is looking fabulous now...

  6. Oh I am so far behind you, my month 2 finally arrived yesterday after the 1st was 'lost in the mail ' any tips on the clamshells for me???


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