Monday 1 October 2012

First the Turtle then the Project Bag

I have a love of Anni Downs Designs 
and have have a pile of her projects on my to-do list.
I am finally getting around to making some of them.

I have recently finished my pin-less Turtle Pincushion, 
who still remains nameless and then this weekend
I have managed to finish her Project Bag
from her book "The Simple Life"

Pockets on one side

and it has a handy storage bag in the middle that flips from one side to the other.

and a needle book on the other side.

So this is two items down and I am slowly getting there with the stitching of her
"12 Days of Christmas" wall hanging.

This is only a small indent on what I want to make but it is a start.

Have a great day.


  1. I really love the Anni Downs projects too....

  2. oh I do want to make one of it........

  3. Love that project bag. Unlike the turtle, I do actually use the bag!

  4. I love your project bag Sharon. It looks great.

  5. wow girl you make me tired seeing all the projects you have made.You are so clever Sharon your sewing holder is gorgeous as is everything you make,well done now go have a cuppa and one of those lovely anzac bikkies that you made.xx

  6. Love all your projects.. I have the book BUT !!!!!

    Your Black and White Bags are so gorgeous too.

  7. are always making the rest of us look bad ;D! Great stuff. I just can't get over how much you get done!! I think I must suffer from a lack of focus. I would be tempted to say that you don't spend as much time on the internet as I do, but you are always joining a million and one bees and that certainly can't be the case!!!

    JEALOUS from Texas.

  8. Your project bag is gorgeous Sharon, you are doing so well making things from your list!

  9. Wow Sharon you have been busy, your project bag is beautiful.Well done.

  10. Anni's designs are just your stitching.

  11. What a wonderful project Sharon. That made me rush to my bookshelf & pull out my copy of The Simple Life. So many projects - so little time! Tracee xx

  12. Love the project bag,makes me want to start making one as wel.You've been very busy :) Barb.

  13. Love the project bag Sharon - I love Anni's designs too and am currently stitching the quilt from The Simple Life book, but am loving the other projects from the book you've been making

  14. Love the bag Sharon,just thinking of all things I could use it for.x

  15. Hi Sharon ! I can't follow your rhythm !!! You're so busy !!! making ALL I want to do !
    I love everything you've made !!

  16. Such a fabulous project. Your version is wonderful.

  17. Love love love Anni Downs...there are lots of her projects on my to-do list too :)

  18. The project bag looks great Sharon... being that the Pincushion is too posh for pins, he needs a posh name like Terrence Turtle, or how about Pierre the Pin-less?!


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