Sunday 9 September 2012

Retail Therapy at Daylesford

What is a good day out without a little
 Retail Therapy
I may not have got any Chocolate yesterday but I did get these, 
well the kits to make them :o)

These Robots designed by Jodie at Ric Rac are super cute
 that I just could not resist it and got the three kits :o)

I fell in love with this bag, also designed by Jodie that I got the kit for the top one.
I think I should have got the blue one too as the more I see this pic the more I love it also :o)

And I will add this cute one to the to-do list.
The pattern is by Natalie and silly me, I meant to go back 
and get the pattern but didn't so I will be grabbing it next time I see it :o)

Enjoy your Sunday


  1. Love both projects... and no doubt you'll do a wonderful job on them. :)

  2. great projects Sharon ,hey you want Nat's pattern,patchwork plus have it on special and free postage ,let me know if you cant find it and i will send you the link.xx

  3. Ohhh i love them both!! so so gorgeous!

  4. what great buys! The little robots are soo cute!

  5. Cute patterns and kits. Love the bag - I think you should have got the blue one too!

  6. Gorgeous little robots, you got some great buys. Enjoy

  7. That quilt is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see your robots when they're done.

  8. They're gorgeous!! ... I'd love to do the Cinderberry pattern too - patchworks plus has it in stock on special atm if you're looking :)

  9. Lots of lovely projects, you will be a busy girl!!

  10. Lovely patterns...I am loving the robots!

  11. Love the bots too cute!!!! Love that gorgeous quilt, you did have a good day of quilt therapy ;)


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