Monday 10 September 2012

Concert Sewing

Miss Keegan's school concert is on in just under two weeks
so I really needed to "pull my finger out".
Most years I have found that costumes are easy, 
something from the wardrobe and not to much thought or planning. 
Well not this year.  

We have a Rock and Roll theme to work with.  
So off to Spotlight on Sunday it was. 
Found a pattern, easy, it even said it was easy to make. Double bonus in my books.
Keegan picked the fabric, cool.

Now anyone that really knows me knows that I don't sew clothing ...... of any sort!  
That's what my mum does :)  Well not this time, this time it is all up to me
(I did ring my mum and offer to go visit this week, with pattern and fabric in hand.
Might have even tried to bribe her to come for a drive and a visit :o)
No luck though, this one is for me to do )

Give me a quilt pattern any day as reading a clothing pattern is "double dutch" to me :o)

Have to mention, in full disclosure that I had to do a return trip to Spotlight for the Zip!
Woops, no one told me it needed a zip.

So, in all disclosure here, I rang mum again.
I've never done a ZIP
After helping me locate my Zipper Foot ..... wow didn't know I had one of them :o)
and guiding me through the process I have to admit that I am super pleased
with my first effort (insert huge cheeky grin here)

My Model aka Keegan is at school
so I can't show you the finished item on her 
but I do have this pic that I put up on Instagram (lilabellelane) yesterday.

Since then I have hand stitched the lead, finished the Scotty Dog, added a bow and
attached an underskirt (this bit was not in the pattern so I am going
to claim bonus points for this) to give is some "flare"

Looks much better on Keegan than this coat hanger.

Oh I hope I don't have to "lift the bar" for next years costume.
Have I started something?

Anyway, I am super pleased with the final product.
Not bad for a days sewing.
Now I just need to find a scarf for her neck and maybe a
new pair of shoes and of course some bobby socks.

Rock on Keegan

Oh and I even managed to impress my mum!
A win all around :o)



  1. oh well done Sharon.... love the extra's added to it...

  2. Hi Sharon, well done on the skirt - I'm impressed! I'm with you,I love all types of sewing - I just hate making clothes!
    Your day out at Daylesford sounds so lovely. I'm glad you had a wonderful day.Keep up your lovely work,I love seeing what you make and your goodies!
    Therese xx

  3. Well done Sharon. Keegan's skirt looks fantastic.

  4. Great job! It turned out super cute. Love the Scottie dog. Way to go!! :) xo

  5. Great job! Has to be a good feeling of accomplishment.
    However, please don't tell my Sweet Teen because she has wanted one of those forever and I keep telling her they just don't make felt the way they used to, so sorry. (And since I sewed my clothes from childhood, I don't even have the excuse that I've never put in a zipper.)

  6. Yay Sharon, skirt looks great!! I have a hotline to my mum too hehehhee

  7. Fantastic job Sharon - when I saw the pic of Keegan wearing it on FB I had NO IDEA you weren't a clothes-sewer!!! It really looks fantastic!! Well done! ... Keegan'll be the best-dressed there for sure!! Hugs!

  8. Well done. It's not that we can't sew clothes.......... they just aren't as interesting as quilts.

  9. well done Sharon,i am very proud of you and i bet your mum is also,i think anything on Keegan would look good.xx

  10. Lovely job Sharon,you never know ,you could be making her wedding dress one day in the future....
    You can make clothes lovely girl.... You just don't really want to LOL
    Quilts are more interesting.Anyway as usual I ramble on...the skirt is beautiful and Keegan will be very proud wearing it,knowing that her mum made it for her.
    Laura x

  11. Super job! You rock and Keegan should be so pleased with her costume. I am blown away that you don't sew clothes normally because it looks so good. good luck for the concert.

  12. Great job Sharon - looks like you have always sewn clothes

  13. Great job, of course your Mum is impressed! So great she was able to talk you thru the zip bit, yay for Mums! It is amazing what interesting feet sewing machines come with, it seems I have a funky button hole one, who knew?

  14. Waow !! I'm impressed with your skills !!!

  15. for somebody who does not sew clothes you have a disguised talent I think


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