Friday 28 September 2012

Lancaster Pt 2

Last time you saw my
 Lancaster Quilt 
it looked like this and I had just finished Block / Part 1

I have now been back to my LQS and picked up part 2

So it was now time for me to play with some Clamshells.
All new to new to me :)

and a few nights in front of the TV with the good old "Stable Table"

I wasn't sure how I was going to keep the rows straight 
so I clipped them to a ruler :o)

and it worked a treat!

all four corners done

and pinned to the centre panel

I have now appliquéd  the corners on and trimmed

So far, so good. Now for Block 3


  1. Sharon you are amazing my friend,that is awesome,well done.xx

  2. It's gorgeous Sharon - an heirloom in the making.

  3. Looks great Sharon. Do you ever sleep? You get so much done!

  4. Oh so jealous I am STILL waiting for mine to arrive hopefully it will be here Tuesday, seriously thinking I should do it through the same store as you. Looks fabulous and thanks for the ruler tip xx

  5. Oh wow, you are speedy, Sharon.....looks beautiful, very fresh......I love it......well done.....did you answer the question about whether you ever sleep?

  6. what fantastic progress! Love the clam shells. I have always wondered as to how these come together.

  7. Oh I do so love to see these designs with EPP! Seeing new and fresh ideas is just such a blessing! I love EPP, and I can't ever seem to get my Mojo going on finding beautiful pattern ideas. I of course never think to put them on background fabric.

  8. Wow Sharon, that is stunning! It is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Hugs Wendy

  9. Oh my gosh it's going to be gorgeous.. You are such a clever talented girl .xx

  10. Its going to be lovely..... the clam shells look great...

  11. That is so cool! I love how it accentuates the corners.

  12. Your clams look lovely. I started mine wholst on holiday and still at the centre block. A tip for clamshells is to tack the first row onto a 2 inch strip for the required length, to help keep them all in line. I like your tip too!


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