Saturday 15 September 2012

I am creating a MONSTER!

Lily's First Quilt

Thursday night Lily comes and asked if she can make a quilt.
I get this question quite a bit.
Lily wanted her machine, but being it was still in the box 
and I haven't had a chance to play with it myself yet 
I decided that  we  she could play on mine.

She picked the fabric, some Christmas Charm Squares
and Declyn armed himself with the camera!
I love the concentration on her face :) 
But here I think she was a little "over" Declyn and the camera :o)

and here we have the thumbs up for her first quilt,
and the best bit, the next day it was a picnic rug for her and her babies.

Not too shabby for a 3 year old.
"Watch out Fabric Stash" Lily is on the prowl! 



  1. Lily looks very proud of her first quilt! Priceless!

  2. Oh Sharon i think that this is gorgeous and well done Miss Lily your 1st quilt is gorgeous.xx

  3. What a sweet memory for this gorgeous Miss Lily!! Well done, grandma!

    1. have to have a little giggle :) Can I amend that grandma to mum :) I'm not old enough for grandchildren just yet :o)

  4. How sweet Sharon.... there will be competion for the stash and the machine... well done Lily.... wonderful quilt you made

  5. Lily is so cute, and hasn't she done a good job. And good on you too - it can be hard taking the time to teach kids to sew, but they really enjoy it. Maybe keep your favourite fabrics out of her reach!

  6. I think Lily is a girl who could conquer the world. Only three and a super sewer. She also so adorably cute.

  7. WOW Lily! Your quilt is beautiful. What a great job.

  8. What a totally adorable post!! She looks so proud of herself! My Lily (4) would love to do this too not to mention her big sister who is currently hand sewing with me right now!! I haven't let her on my machine yet!

  9. This just so priceless! I can remember my daughter's first sewing experience - she made a little jelly roll strip pieced bag. Now she makes mini quilts and pillows. Well done Lily.

  10. Well done Lily,clever girl just like your mum.The little quilt is gorgeous.
    Laura x

  11. Oh how cute is that :-) Go Lily we need new quilters and your never too young to start. Gorgeous girl and I love the dedication of the camera man. Lol

  12. Wonderful stitching Lily, great work! Sharon, I am not as brave as you, letting her anywhere near The Machine. Gorgeous post!

  13. Go you Mama! My lil Miss 4 wants to use my sewing machine and I haven't been that brave yet. Maybe I should . . . .
    I saw some of these pictures on instagram and loved them

  14. Oh NO... it's an infection... quilting is in the blood!
    Your DD will be as talented as you are I'm sure! :)

  15. Gorgeous!! Seeing your hand guiding her little one on the machine made me go all snuffly.... too cute! So... Lily made her first quilt in one session and it's already in use... A few of us with a heap of UFO's could take a leaf out of her book I think ;o) Well done Lily and Declan for taking such lovely photos.

  16. Ohh how gorgeous...look out, there may be another addiction in the house lol


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