Monday 17 September 2012

First a Monster, now Robots

Robots Three

At the Daylesford Craft Experience we were lucky enough 
to get Jodie's new pattern "Robots Three" in our goodies bag.  

I fell in love with them instantly.

They became my weekends project and 
I am super pleased with how they have turned out :o)

My little Yellow one has lopsided arms. 
By the time I realised this I was not unpicking him.
This make him more "unique" :o)

I just love the bullseye on their backs.

They have currently made their home in my entrance hall, well
until Miss Lily takes them for morning tea on her quilt :o)

I can see more of Jodie's toys in my future, 
now to find a store that stocks them in kit form. 
If you know of any please let me know as Miss Lily
would love for "Little Red" (amongst others) 
to come and live with us :o)



  1. There are fabulous. Jodie's designs are delightful and you have done a wonderful job making your little robots.

  2. how cute Sharon they look fantastic,well done.I think Ballarat patchwork stock kits for these as Jodie being a ballarat girl she does lots of classes there and they stock heaps of her stuff,good luck.xx

  3. love your robots.... love Jodie's patterns... looking forward to seeing you MIss red....

  4. Oh my goodness, those robots are soo cute!! Is that a Ruby quilt that they are on? So pretty, too.. and Little Red would make such a cute doll for a little girl!

  5. Very cute Sharon. Little Red is so sweet too.

  6. Ohhhhhh Miss 4 loves Lil Red too
    Lovely robots Sharon

  7. These are so cute Sharon. That little doll is adorable.
    Welcome to the Clan Miss Lily !!
    Therese xx

  8. Too cute and I can understand perfectly why Miss Lily would want to take them for morning tea...Red is gorgeous.

  9. they are so cute! Bet you can't stop at these lovelies.

  10. Love them Sharon,my grandson would love them too.
    Laura x

  11. They are so cute and look perfectly made! Hugs Wendy


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