Tuesday 4 September 2012

Having Fun with Swaps

I have been busy working on some swap items. 
Some I can show and some I can not :o)

First up, I have finished my Mini as part of the FLiQS Swap on Flickr.
I now get to enjoy it up on my design wall until the posting date of the 19th

I am actually going to name this one (something I never do)
"Storm at Sea"
as that was my inspiration, do you see it?

I feel that this one falls into the category of an "Art Quilt"

Next up I have finished some Bee Blocks for a Facebook Group. 

I am loving the dark Grey with the Bright Rainbow.
There is a tutorial for this block here.

It isn't my turn until May but I have already decided on this block

Huge thank you to Kat for the tutorial on this one

I have one more item finished for Shez in the
Santa Sack Swap
(sorry no sneak peaks!)

I have also picked the Pattern for Tracey's bag in the 
Swapping a Black & White Bag
Black and White Bag Swap.

Only hit I can give here, is that it is from this book
Large View

and this morning I have received my partner in
Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap
so just need to do some "stalking" and thinking about this one :o)
I need to pick my Swap Item to make for our next Bloggie Meet
 but before I go and do any more on any of those I need to go and do
my "homework" for Daylesford this Saturday :)



  1. WOW you have been super super busy LOVE it xxx
    And the 'art' quilt is gorgeous

  2. Oh Sharon... you are so organised. I LoVe it!
    Love the block you chose too! :)

  3. I see the storm at see - gorgeous! you are one busy lady! x

  4. Storm at Sea is glorious. Loving the bag book! Tracee xx

  5. Sharon i will send you some more hours for your days, looks like you need them! I have that Bags book, it's great one. You sure do have a LOT going on, enjoy!

  6. Love the art quilt.... and lots of lovely things being made at your house...

  7. I love your Storm at Sea art quilt. Art quilts don't often appeal to me, but I get this one, I can see it brewing. Well done. You will be a busy bee with all those swaps - a good excuse for more fabric!

  8. Your Storm at Sea looks great Sharon. You've got plenty to keep you busy.

  9. Good heavons Sharon you have been busy and i love your storm at sea and yes i can see it,well done.xx

  10. Goodness you have been busy....love your Storm at Sea
    hugs TAnya

  11. I dont know how you do it all!! You rmini art quilt looks lovely...nice colours...

  12. Gosh...I am overwhelmed just reading this! I don't get into swaps...as much as I'd like to, I know that the pressure would be too much for me to take :) I don't know how you fit them all in!

  13. I see it.... I see it!! Heavens I don't normally get 'concepts' but this one I do. Heck I feel intelligent today... thanks ;o) Love Storm at Sea.... colours are great. How on earth do you cope with so many swaps and still find time to do your own stuff.... it's one or the other for me. Do you sew 24/7? ;o))


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