Thursday 26 July 2012

When Inspiration Hits

Run with it!

Remember this picture from the weekend?

Well hubby is home on holidays this week so I took the opportunity yesterday
 whilst we were in town having a lovely lunch with Miss Lily
 to run with the inspiration :) also helps to have someone else to lift
 Miss Lily in and out of the car all the time :)

First stop - Harvey Norman to print the above picture
Second stop - Honeysuckle Patchwork here in Bendigo
for the "Sew Laugh Love" Pattern (and pre-printed Linen) by Leanne Beasley
Third Stop - Spotlight for some threads

I am now trying to tell myself that I really need to finish something - anything
 before starting this one.

Wish me luck as I have no will power to wait and a pile of half completed hand stitching
 projects on my little table beside the couch already!

Have a great day.


  1. Oh, it's gorgeous! Not sure I could resist!!! (Send it to me and I'll look after it for you until your finish a few wips!)

  2. Good on you Sharon .... I procrastinated yesterday afternoon for a while and decided to start 2 new quilts!! The Red Home quilt by Natalie Bird and a new BOM I purchased at the craft fair in Sydney called Harvest Festival! Should be manageable (in amongst everything else) and I have my eye on this LB pattern in those gorgeous colours too!! Happy stitching!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean...but that photo is irresistable!

  4. Its a lovely pattern that one, I have started it and i really must get back to it so I can hang it in my new sewing room which is nearly finished.
    I have been to Honeysuckle patchwork in Bendigo, its a beautiful shop. I used to live in Bendigo and we still call it home.

  5. Oh waiting to be organised is SO over rated! Go FoR It! You'll enjoy it all the more for being WiLd! lol
    Enjoy... :)

  6. Good luck resisting. I have the same problem!

  7. LOVE that I'm not the only one with projects half done, unfinished items, works in progress, etc etc etc

  8. go for it Sharon,do what you feel like at the time,i am so excited for you ,enjoy.xx

  9. I can understand you !!! It is called an addiction !!! and nobody can stop us !!
    Your version will be splendid !!

  10. Ohh I hear you loud and clear, and happy to tell you, one day at a time....but I believe you must grab what you love and cherish will finish your "neverending" pile....isnt it wonderful to have such a "collaborative addiction"...your not alone x

  11. Such beautiful choices Sharon, I say do the project you feel like doing and enjoy! Love your granny blocks in the previous post, Wendy xx

  12. it's a fantastic project to do...

  13. Run like the wind Bullseye!
    I would run too-straight towards it. Love that project and the fabrics you have chosen for it.
    Now when will you start?

  14. just gorgeous! love this wall hanging in the duller (but no less beautiful) colours.


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