Wednesday 18 July 2012

Paper Piecing anyone?

I am going to be upfront and honest here.
Paper Piecing Scares me!

Not quite as much as zips as as I am more likely to have a go at 
Paper Piecing before making a zipper pouch.

So, if you are like me and what to dip your 
"finger in the paper piecing pool" follow the link below.

 Practically Paper Piecing

It all starts on the 1st August, the day before my birthday!

Now, I've got so many emails to get back to so if you are waiting on a reply,
sorry but I am getting there, promise.  Oh and I have to organise some stuff for the
weekend, I am so excited.



  1. not many sleeps now Sharon,lol,and paper piecing does scare me too.xx

  2. Oh you should try paper piecing - it's fantastic fun! Okay, okay, it's time consuming and fiddly, but it is definitely fun ;)

    Thank you for posting about the blog hop! I hope maybe it'll inspire you to try some paper piecing! :)

  3. I've tried it once but it might be some time before I do again! it wasn't terribly hard and you are super talented so I have no doubt you'll ace it!

  4. ohh I love it, all the accurate points!!! Have a go, you may like it.. Enjoy your weekend at Urban Stitches...soo jealous!!!

  5. Whaaat? Scared of paper piecing?!?!? I love it. It actually is my go-to when I am avoiding tiny piecing ;)!


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