Tuesday 17 July 2012

Charm Swaps

I have found a great use for Facebook ........ Charm Swaps!

I don't like or normally use Facebook but after a kind email the other night,
thank you Cathy, I have been pointed in the direction of a 
Group on Facebook that does charm swaps .....yay.

Since I have used my rainbow charms up in my Soda Pop Quilt I need to restock.

My Rainbow Slushee - Soda Pop QAL

Arriving in yesterdays mail, all the way from the US
 is my latest collection of Charm Squares from the

I had spots in both Round one and Two 
so when they arrived I had to get them out,
pair them up and sort them out, into a rainbow of course :o)

Just under 3 1/2" of DS Charms.
I see a scrappy DS Quilt in my future but in the
meantime I am just going to admire this stack of fabric :o)

Now to do some retail therapy
 and organise some fabrics for my spots in the Facebook Swap :o)

Have a great day enjoying something you love.



  1. It's a great way to collect charm squares...

  2. So happy that you found a group! Looks like a great "choice" to swap too! :)

  3. Oh Sharon love your DS fabrics they are just gorgeous,lol,doesnt sound like you are slowing down my friend,take care.xx

  4. Very jealous of your pile o' charms!! Can you share the Facebook group? I am having a really hard time finding groups to join.

  5. What? Charm swaps on FB? Fun! And I LOVE your Soda Pop quilt!! So gorgeous. Love your goodies from the US. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Have a great week! xo

  6. Gotta love a stock of charm squares. Oh the possibilities!

  7. LOVE your quilt !! !! !!
    And gosh FB as well for swaps GAH I think blogging is enough for me LOL

  8. I love your soda pop quilt. Absolutely stunning.

  9. Oh exciting!!! Love your rainbows x


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