Monday 21 May 2012

A New Bag - May Monthly Make

For Mother's Day my family gave me, amongst other things, a kit to make myself a bag.

Bag making is something that I would like to feel more confident at so one has to start somewhere.

It is by no means perfect but it is fully lined and has a pocket for my keys and phone.

If anyone knows of any super cute and fully functional EASY bag patterns,
PLEASE feel free to point me in their direction.

I am also going to mark this project off as my Monthly Make for May

May Makes


  1. I've made this one quite a few times now

    I don't do the stripes just use fabric, it's an easy pattern to do. Linda

  2. What a great bag, you've done a great job :). I am a great fan of these terra cotta brown/oranges. My bag making skills are improving as I go along, and kits are a great way to takeon new skills.

    Oh, and I love your scrap buster block for bottled rainbows. I've only got as far as setting up my bottles and beginning a collection.

  3. Sharon its gorgeous and i love the fabric too what a lovely present.xx

  4. You have done a marvellous job on the bag. It looks lovely.

  5. You have done really well. They chose gorgeous fabric for you.

  6. Great bag... I just love hand made bags.... I bought The B
    ag Making Bible by Lisa Lam... great instructions for different techniques.....

  7. Your bag is lovely. If you're looking for more bag patterns that are easy, try LazyGirl designs. She has tons of patterns and they are "for lazy" girls like me. Lots of short cuts with beautiful results.

  8. Beautiful bag, I haven't tried bag making yet, love yours though.

  9. Waoh!!! beautiful bag !!

  10. I love your bag! You've done a great job. I've never made a bag, and I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to ever attempt one.


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