Thursday 1 March 2012

Your baby wants a what?

"A towel mummy, a towel"

Miss Lily had been busy bathing her babies on the change table in her bedroom this afternoon
but she didn't have a towel to dry them and apparently hers was to big.
(She had been into the bathroom and got hers but it just was not doing it for her!

So an impromptu drive to Kmart
and we came home with two white hand towels.

I grabbed out my Go Baby
Sorted through some scraps
Put the fabric through the Go Baby
and then ironed the cut-outs onto the towels
Changed feet on my sewing machine and did a quick
raw edge applique finish
I think the smile by Miss Lily says it all and this looks like one happy puppy!

$3.50 well spent.
Now she wants tea towels for her dishes :o)

Enjoy your day, Sharon


  1. what great photos of an extremely happy little person, great idea

  2. $3.50 for towels from k-mart, $x for petrol to drive to Kmart, smile on little girlies face when she has gorgeous new towels for puppy?

  3. lol,will it ever end Sharon,lol,that smile says it all,one very happy Miss Lily and one very happy puppy dog,love the sound of your go baby.xx

  4. very sweet little Miss Lily.... isn't it wonderful ... great towels too!!!

  5. Pretty darn cute!!! And the 'towels' too! For Christmas I did the kmart towel thing and just stitched fun ribbons on them...for ADULTS. They loved them too!

  6. Time well spent when you see that gorgeous smile. Aah the things we do !!! The towels look so good with the applique.

  7. Oh wow... children are such a treat to read about. What a wonderful time you've had today! :)

  8. What a lovely project to do together. I treasure moments like this! What happy memories for you both.


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