Tuesday 21 February 2012

What a surprise

Thank you Lisa

Lisa was my swap partner for the "Little House swap" over at  four happy Violets .
We are using the tutorial found at Retro Mamas  to make a house and swap.

Mine arrived this morning and I love it.  :)

What I didn't know though, was that Lisa was also my secret swap partner for the Autumn Swap that Cheryll is hosting.  Cheryll hosts great swaps if you are ever interested in joining in on the fun.  

As it happens, Lisa's Blog  My Little Creative Wonderland is one that I read all the time and last week she posted a picture of her swap gift she had made.  I loved it and even left Lisa a message Blogger

Oh she is absolutely gorgeous ... I could see her keeping me company!
 Someone will be over the moon to have her" 

Well guess what.......It was MINE ... all Mine 
and I L O V E  it ... whoops her and Yes I am over the moon.

Meet Maple

We have been busy already with a little photo shoot :o)

Lily and I might have already had a little "dispute" as to who she belong to ...... I won!

She also came with some yummy mint leaves (I'm hiding these from the kids) and two lovely FQ's

and the perfect place for Maple.
I get to see her smiling face all the time.

You can rest assured Lisa, Miss Lily can not reach her here :)

Thank you again Lisa, I love all my swap items.

hugs, Sharon xx


  1. cute house and very cute Maple... how funny is that you had seen her and then she arrived to live with you.....

  2. WOW that's wonderful isn't it. Makes it a double surprise! Love Miss Maple too! :)

  3. wow Sharon arent you the lucky one what beautiful swap gifts from Lisa,love the pics.xx

  4. That little doll is so sweet!

  5. hehehe i saw your comment and couldnt help but giggle knowing that she was on her way to you and so GLAD you like her.She makes me smile every time i look at her.I absolutly loved making her the whole process of watching her personality come threw.Glad you like the house too the rickrack stuff drove me nuts haha trying to get it straight in the end i gave up but liked the way it turned out..I love your pictures!!

  6. Maple Is sooo gorgeous, I am glad she found a nice home.

  7. Gorgeous gifts for you, Maple is very cute and looks right at home on your shelf. I love the little quilt you designed in the previous block too - clever you!!

  8. Small world, isn't it! Maple is gorgeous - I can see why you love her. And such a cute little house. Lucky girl!

  9. I love Maple, she is so very cute!

  10. Hi Lovely just wondering if I can steal some of the photos to put on my blog ?? I really enjoyed making her ! I was only thinking about this doll today hehe.
    Hugs Lisa x


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