Monday 20 February 2012

I think I have done it ...........

In my last post I was just a little frustrated that my quilt for the DQS12 was not taking shape.

I was so frustrated that I did the blog post after drawing up yet another design.

I then went and helped Declyn pack his bag as he is heading off on his School Camp this morning and organised the evening meal then sat and enjoyed the company of my family at the table.

After that everyone started going off doing there nightly thing, showers etc so I went back to "my space", looked at my design wall, grabbed my yellow fabric and started... again

It came together really quickly and I started to feel much better.

Before I knew it I had done 4.
Guess I just needed the right design to get me going again.

a long way from these four that I was struggling to do something with

I was on a roll and had my "mo-jo" back for this project so I kept going.

By 8.30pm last night I had this

I don't know much about by partner (she is very quiet in the Flickr group) but from my stalking I do know......

She likes color / rainbows
(think I have that covered)
Modern take on traditional designs
 (Is a Liberated Churn Dash a modern take on the traditional Churn Dash?
and setting that inside a Log Cabin block?)

What I don't know is, Does she prefer hand or machine quilting?
Yikes ...... what do you think I should do?

hugs, Sharon


  1. How clever is that.... just lovely... well done... it will be well enjoyed.... I would never have thought of that sashing but it looks so striking... however you quilt it will look fantastic....

  2. well done Sharon it looks unreal,i love seeing your projects come to life,i think whatever quilting you choose to do will look great,though i tend to lean more towards machine quilting for this one.You are 1 very clever lady who inspires me.xx

  3. This is gorgeous Sharon!!!! ... Any chance if a rite, lol! (serious!! ... Or tips?!!) ... I think this would look fantastic quilted either way, but if you have the time/patience/inclination I think you could enhance it further with some hand quilting ... even a combination would look lovely ... Whatever you decide to do, I know it will be gorgeous!!! Very clever!!!

  4. I love your little churn dashes - and they look great enclosed in the open log cabin - perfect sashing. It's great when a plan comes together. Think you just needed to step back and relax. Quilt it the way you think it needs - it's a modern quilt so machine quilting is ok. How to quilt is always a tough decision - trust your instincts.

  5. That is beyond cool and gorgeous Sharon! I LOVE it. :o) I'm sure the recipient will be over the moon! xo

  6. I think you did an absolutely fantastic job on the blocks. Perhaps you will start a craze with this one! Love It !! :)

  7. I think you did an absolutely fantastic job on the blocks. Perhaps you will start a craze with this one! Love It !! :)

  8. What a cool quilt! I wish I was in the swap so I could be your partner!


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