Saturday 18 February 2012

FNSI results ~ Christmas Angel Sneak Peak

I had a great night last night (FNSI),
a little work on a few projects, all with a common theme, so let me share.

Christmas Fun

I managed to purchase some FQ's this week for my Christmas Fun Wall hanging

Not traditional but I liked them :)

So I set to preparing some of the applique blocks so that they would be ready for a quick "grab and go" project and with the Football season starting up again I will be having a few cold mornings in the car this winter watching son no 2 play :)

Remember, if you have this pattern / kit waiting for some attention you can come and join in the new blog set up to encourage this project to be finished in time for Christms 2012 ...... no monthly dealines just a great group of ladies working to a common goal ... a finish

Then I turned my attention to my

"Angel Swap" Commitment.
We have a list of 10 items to make our swap partner for Christmas
so I had a little play.  I can't tell you what these item as are as my parnter might visit my blog and I don't want to totally ruin her surprise :)

First time I have played with the Blanket Stitch on my machine
and I will definately be using it again :o)

So, in reflection. I spend a lot of time going back and forth to the iron getting some applique ready but not a single item of clothing ironed!  That's a good night :o)

I hope you had a great FNSI, I am off to visit some blogs and see what others got up to.

have a great weekend, Sharon


  1. whow you never sit still Sharon some great projects on the go there,lucky partner that reindeer is so cute,well done.xx

  2. another lovely project for Christmas.... I enjoy blanket stitching on the machine... also only really started in the last year. looks like a lovely project ...

  3. Looks like a very successful fnsi to me...lots ready and waiting! Looks like you'll be ready for Xmas too with getting a start on the swap items. Great work! :)

  4. I love your Christmas fun wall hanging. Don't you love it when you experiment with a new tool or technique and it turns out awesome? Do I have a blanket stitch on my sewing machine?

  5. Hi Sharon! I agree with you.. an iron that's been burning up the ironing board but NOT on clothes is a good iron! Your Christmas projects look like lots of fun, and I love the reindeer in the sneak peek. Great FNSI! :o)

  6. Your new blocks are looking great, the Christmas Fun is a lovely pattern. Cute reindeer too.

  7. Awesome, locks so pretty. This is my first year as a Christmas Angel, I am collecting ideas, have to start sewing them soon.

  8. You are such a temptress!! Your lovely prepped blocks are making me want to join in making this project too. Arrrrgh!
    Love the sneak peek of your swap gifts... you are so organised.

  9. Boy your wall hanging look wonderful. They put mine to shame I hope my angel isn't to disappointed when she sees mine. I've never done them before.

  10. Looks like you had a very productive (and very forward thinking) FNSI!


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