Tuesday 14 February 2012

February Monthly Make ~ Jaxson

My monthly make for February
Please welcome


Jaxson has definitely been a labour of love.
He has taken me many weeks to create
painting one layer at a time, baking between every layer and then
micro rooting his hair one strand at a time.

He is weighted to feel like a real newborn and comes in at around 6lb
He also has an anatomically correct belly plate.

Jaxson is heading off to the local Doll and Teddy Show this month
and then he will be off to Ebay to find his new Mum!

The theme for this years doll show is "Memories"
so Jaxson will be displayed in a hospital crip and my
hope/artists intention is to remind people of those moments when they

"gaze on awe at that precious newborn now in their life"

hugs, Sharon


  1. So life like. He would have to be the best February make by far.

  2. Hi Sharon, you are one talented lady. These dolls are such a work of art. I can't get over your "Oh my stars" quilt- you've nearly finished!!! I love how you are hand quilting around them. From one obsessed American Jane fanatic to another - I just love it!! To see all those amazing prints come together like that it's a real pleasure.
    The amount of sewing you get through is amazing.. I'm still pottering away on Grace's quilt slowly but surely.
    Best wishes, Therese.

  3. What a darling! When I saw the first pic I went "what! I didn't know you were having a baby..." Then it clicked LOL

  4. Ooh, Jaxson is awesome. You have so much talent and patience to create him so perfectly.

  5. whow Sharon you are so clever,he is gorgeous,so life like.xx

  6. Oh, wow. He looks so real! I thought it was a real baby at first. Such a darling!

  7. Quite incredible.... just amazing talent Sharon...

  8. Aahhh Sharon.. he's gorgeous...AND for a moment I thought YOU had forgotten to tell us something! :)

  9. He's gorgeous Sharon!! Your talent is off-the-charts amazing!!!

  10. Good grief! I thought you just had a baby!! I was totally taken in by that photo..... amazing work!!

  11. Josie is right, he looks incredibly life-like! Amazing!!

  12. Wow, so life like Sharon. I started to get worried when I got to the line about him being painted & baked, only then realising he wasn't real. Amazing! xx


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