Sunday 29 January 2012

Swoon Sewing

Swooning just that little closer ........ Saturday Sewing

My backing fabric has arrived :o)

So just a little cutting and then sewing
Off to the ironing board for a quick press

Then laying to top on the floor, face down
Trimming all the threads
Off to the ironing board again
a good press

Now all hung in Miss Lily's wardrobe (the only one with space)
waiting for the next step ...............

and whilst I was at it I also ironed my other two tops that I need to be doing something with.
Maybe if I see them every day I might be inclined to finish them off also.
and just because I can ...
another picture of the completed top

This will be the last time you all see it until it is finished and ready for my bed :o)

hugs, Sharon


  1. Looking forward to see it finished...

  2. love it Sharon,your choice of backing will look fabulous,well done.xx

  3. can never see enough of it... I love how you hang your tops waiting to be finished ... Hugz

  4. looking fabtabulous..hey I too have several quilts hanging in the closet-hubby thought I was insane I must show him your pic,cheers Vickie

  5. Great backing fabric and you found an opportunity to use the word "whilst" which is a great word!


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